April 17, 2024


The day is finally here, when the most anticipated track of 2023 has finally arrived. It might not be yours, particularly, but by and large the collaboration between the iconic Skrillex, the trailblazing Fred again.., and talented Flowdan is at the top of more people’s collective lists than anything else this year. Of course, we’re still pretty early in the calendar but that’s no reason to diminish the hype for “Rumble.”

After teasing two albums this year just earlier this week, Skrillex is starting off the year powerfully releasing “Rumble,” taking heavy influence from garage and grime with the help of his collaborators. The bass is impeccable, the vocal chops are classic Skrillex, and the production is some of the most perfect work we’ve heard in recent years.

It’s a little disappointing the song is less than two-and-a-half minutes long, but that appears to be an overall trend for a lot of music lately as algorithms promote shorter pieces of content. That being said, it also takes less time to repeat the song over and over.

Listen below!


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