February 27, 2024

London-based producer Rosehip releases the soul-soothing track “Found,” the lead single off his forthcoming EP, Odyssey.

The sounds of chilled electronic continue to captivate listeners around the world, and Rosehip is leaning heavily into this realm with his immersive soundscapes. This UK-based producer has offered a plethora of beautiful releases that are dripping with elements of chillout, electronica, and more over the past two years on his imprint, Xoji Records. Now, he’s beginning to gear up for his latest body of work, the Odyssey EP.

The Odyssey EP is set to feature five fresh tracks from Rosehip that are inspired by the waning days of summer and explores the emotions found during that time when exploring new places under the warm sun while reminiscing on adventures from the months prior. While fans will have to wait until later this year to bask in the full release from Rosehip, he dropped off the first single from the project, “Found,” to give everyone a taste of what’s in store.

“Found” is everything that a lo-fi, atmospheric-electronic lover could want in a track, as it features everything from airy pads and uplifting notes to stunning synths and an overall vibrant tone. Found within the track is a vocal sample that comes from legendary philosopher Alan Watts, which adds another thought-provoking layer to this already gorgeous tune. Sit back, relax, and let this release from Rosehip put you in a trance-like state as the paired visualizer lets you soar across beautiful landscapes – you won’t regret it.

Sometimes when I produce music, it is a painstaking process which takes days to craft and finesse. Other times the music flows out of me like humming a tune walking down the street. My new track Found was the latter, a hypnotic chilltronica track that fuses sounds from Lo-fi, vaporwave and dance, heavily inspired by the euphoric highs of summer.


Listen to “Found” on Spotify or your preferred platform, and stay tuned for the Odyssey EP to land on September 15!

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