April 24, 2024
Roger Gunn Drops Nostalgic Techno Record "Lose & Control"


Powerhouse EDM Artist Roger Gunn gears up his discography with addicting techno-inspired single “Lose & Control”

Moving in a 4 to the floor , the energy in the track is far from lost. Gunn exuberates non-stop electricity spearheading the record with an energizing blend of nostalgic techno and retro vibes. Familiar cymbals and breaks move listeners throughout the track, emitting golden era techno energy.

Roger Gunn has been unfailing when connecting with his audience and executing vibrant and unique records from a career standpoint. Even though Roger Gunn is a newcomer to the scene, he’s definitely paving a way within the music world, he’s not an artist to overlook.

The Uzbekistan-based DJ has such an exciting year ahead of him, he is definitely one to keep on your radar. Keep up with Roger Gunn below, and follow him on Spotify for all new releases.


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