April 15, 2024
Roadkill unveil video for track "Dirty Girls"

Roadkill unveil video for track “Dirty Girls”

Aussie rockers Roadkill consisting of lead vocalist Neil “Steel” Wilson, guitarists Zig and James Basser, bassist Ted Tedington and drummer Brendan “Squid” Sheverton have unveiled a video for their track “Dirty Girls” which first appeared on their album Profanity & Innuendo (2013).

The YouTube caption for the video indicates in part:

“Dirty Girls has been in ROADKILL ‘LIVE’ set since 2012 and this version was re-recorded when we tracked our album, “Ruled By Machines“.

The song is featured on our latest release, “Lock Down EP” with the audio is produced by Joe Haley. The 3 girls in the ‘video’ are Sarah, Joe and Sarah. The song, albeit it a ‘demo’ version is also featured on singer Neil Steel‘s ‘solo’ album, “Old School“ – out now!”

Roadkill‘s Bandcamp page provides further details about the track: “Dirty Girls – is a ‘stage’ favourite by the band and fans and has been part of the band’s LIVE set since written. It first appeared in 2012 on Roadkill‘s – “Profanity & Innuendo” CD but has now been re-recorded and is produced by Joe Haley – who produced both ‘Extinct‘ (2016) and ‘Ruled By Machines‘ (2018) CD’s.”

Roadkill‘s “Dirty Girls” video:

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