May 30, 2023
Rihanna's In No Rush To Marry A$AP Rocky, "Sources" Say

It’s not looking good for nuptials between A$AP Rocky and Rihanna – at least not for now. According to RadarOnline, Rihanna is in no rush to marry her boo. The pair have two kids together, and are looking very happy. It does not seem like they are going to get married though. Not exactly an incredibly reputable source with Hip-Hop, RadarOnline‘s source says that the pair is not looking at getting married anytime soon. First of all, let’s keep it real, Rihanna is worth over $1 billion. If she gets into a marriage with A$AP Rocky, who is not poor, but is worth considerably less, she would have to have an ironclad prenuptial agreement. These are facts with the divorce rate – according to the American Psychological Association – is 40-50%.


 According to the Internet, which is also not incredibly reputable, A$AP Rocky is worth about $20 million. Nevertheless, there’s a big difference between that and 1 billion. I think A$AP Rocky should just ride this out and be cool. As long as he’s cool, he can live the lifestyle that most people dream about. Being with Rihanna is a DREAM. If they do get married, I’m sure they’ll figure it out. Happiness and friendship comes first. Second to that comment is both of you deciding you want to name your child Rissa. When you can agree on things like that, I think you can work anything out.

What do you guys think of this? I’m not putting a lot of energy into it because I really don’t care. These peoples’ lives do not affect me at all. I will say this: I am happy for them because I did not ever see Rihanna having a baby, and I definitely did not see A$AP Rocky as the one that would double up on a baby with my boo. HA!

Look at the baby RZA dressed like Bobby Digital!

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