December 2, 2023
Rick Ross' Pet Buffalo Are Causing Havoc in the Neighborhood

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rick Ross’ neighbors have taken issue with his two pet buffalo, who have mistaken the nearby property for prairie land and could now pose a risk to residents.

According to TMZ, the two resident bison on Ross’ 235-acre Fayetteville, Georgia estate, dubbed “Promise Land,” have begun to regularly cross property lines and graze in neighboring yards, raising concerns about the 2,000-pound adult animals’ close proximity to residents and their children. In a bystander video accompanying the report, the horned beasts appear completely docile, though they do seem out of place wandering among parked cars, street trash cans, and a few average folks handling the wildlife interaction just a little too casually. Watch the clip below.

An attempt by one neighbor to confront the Teflon Don rapper allegedly resulted in a verbal dispute with a member of Ross’ team. The unidentified individual later called the police, who wouldn’t take a report due to the matter falling under a civil dispute. The complainant still plans to file a neighbor dispute with the city.

Rick Ross was gifted the buffalo in March 2022 by his business partners at the clothing brand Ethika, to join the four horses and bull he also currently houses. Though the neighbors’ photo records reveal significant damage to their grass thanks to the hooves of his bovine buddies, the gardening disaster doesn’t seem to bother their owner’s landscaper, who actually turns out to be Ross himself.

Not so long ago, Da Boss caught flak for his home’s interiors after a video showing his accumulated collection of clothes and shoes sparked speculation into whether the rapper had become a hoarder. Meanwhile, outside of his mansion, Ross admitted he has refused to ride in a Tesla for fear that it would drive him to the police.

Ross seems to have gotten his transportation sorted though, as he closed out the Grammys with JAY-Z and DJ Khaled on an extravagant performance of “God Did.”

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