February 26, 2024
Rick Ross' Buffalo Roamed Off His Property, Pisses Off Neighbors

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Rick Ross has some epic first-world problems. Apparently, the Miami-representing but now Georgia-residing rapper’s neighbors are upset that his buffalo have roamed onto their property and cause some damage.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently some time ago Rozay was gifted a pair of buffalo, and he’s allegedly not doing the best of job of keeping the beasts corralled.

The neighbor, who lives on a plot of land behind RR’s Fayetteville, GA compound, tells TMZ … the two buffaloes have wandered onto her property twice this week. Keep in mind, adult buffalo can tip the scales at around 2,000 lbs.!!!

She’s worried they may pose a danger to her small children.

TMZ obtained video showing Rick’s behemoth pets running through the neighbor’s front yard … and she says she came home from work to discover the wild scene.

She also snapped photos of the buffaloes grazing on the grass near a paved driveway full of parked cars.

Does insurance even cover your car getting dented by a buffalo?

Sounds like the neighbor has a legit beef. No pun intended, honestly. 

Reportedly, she called the police, of course, but they didn’t take a report citing that it was a civil matter.

After news of the loose cattle broke, Ross took to IG to tell his followers the situation was being handled. He also made sure to add that his “cattle” are not meat-eaters so if you see them around, give them a carrot and give him a call to take care of it. We kid you not.


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