April 14, 2024
Rich Delinquent & Bobby Raps Team Up For Sensational Single, “1800ifuckedup”

It’s no secret that Aussie based emo-tronic artist Rich Delinquent is one of today’s most exciting artists. He does it all, from penning the songs, to singing the vocals, and producing the tracks. His vision for his music is unparalleled which is why whenever we find out there’s a new song in the pipeline, we’re on the edge of our seat, eager to see what he’s up to.

This time around, he’s collaborating with widely celebrated singer,songwriter, and producer Bobby Raps (whose credits include The Weeknd, Kid Laroi, Gunna, and plenty more), taking listeners on a emotionally thrilling ride for the song that is “1800ifuckedup”. Rich explains that this song is “about being lost in a city of vices and trying to reach out to the one person who can pull you out of the darkness.” The production matches this aura, offering  a sort of cyberpunk/Bladerunner auditory landscape, as synths sway back and forth, resembling that feeling that Rich sings of “feeling lost in the Ozone”, as Rich & Bobby Raps each offer compelling vocals over top.

Listen for yourself below!

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