April 22, 2024
isqa hypnovizion


Last month, Rezz inaugurated her new label HypnoVizion with the release of Nightmare on Rezz Street 2, her annual Halloween-themed mix. Now, however, comes a different kind of inauguration as they’ve revealed their first artist release with none other than Isqa and a new EP, i 4ove you.

If you’re unfamiliar with Isqa, and asking yourself why Rezz would release this artist, that’s okay. The alias was largely dropped after the artist chose to pursue a new project: No Mana. Isqa is incredibly heavy on sound design and includes some brilliant melodies and production, veering more to the electrohouse, but more IDM, realm.

Isqa, after not releasing anything for quite a while, recently revived the project with a short mixtape titled, “i should’ve been dead.” Listen below for an idea of what to expect from the EP and continue scrolling for the official announcement from HypnoVizion.


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