September 27, 2023
rezz shambhala

Rezz recently announced the launch of her own label, HypnoVizion. While we’re still waiting to see what kind of releases she’ll be featuring with her new platform, she’s revealed her own first release, ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street 2.’

Featuring 12 dark instrumentals from her own vault, it’s no doubt representative of not only the sound the label is striving for, but also her next album, whenever it comes.

“This kind of project has been the most fun for me throughout my career. ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’ is a 30 minute mix of unreleased music that I may not have ever released otherwise. I create the songs with zero expectation, other than to finish each one,” Rezz said about the mix. “This is my second time creating this audio/visual cohesive mix, and it brings me back to when I first started making music & the freedom that comes with just putting music out for fun on the internet without any major concise plans,” she added.

Most recently, Rezz released her third studio album, ‘Spiral’, in 2021, venturing into the realms of indie, pop and rock, featuring collaborations from female vocalists Dove Cameron, Emily Haines of Metric, and more. Now with ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street 2,’ she makes a return to the heavy, hypnotic sound that first established Rezz as a household name in the dance music space.


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