September 27, 2023
Resist & Bite’s Steve Stokes states “If you guys only knew the truth” after Tommy Skeoch’s departure

Resist & Bite’s Steve Stokes states “If you guys only knew the truth” after Tommy Skeoch’s departure

Former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch made the rather surprising announcement about two days ago that he was no longer a part of the band Resist & Bite and he had joined up with the group Bad Marriage.

Photo by Christopher Lee Helton

Bad Marriage guitarist Mike Fitz had actually revealed in an interview with Sam Wall (that was posted once week ago) that Skeoch would be a “guest guitarist” during his band’s upcoming tour (which started on July 1, 2023). However, Fitz had referred to Skeoch as still being a part of Resist & Bite at that time.

Things seem to have changed since then as the Resist & Bite camp was apparently silent on Skeoch playing with Bad Marriage  leading up to the guitarist’s surprising announcement. Skeoch didn’t give any details on why he left Resist & Bite but there appears to be more to the story based on Resist & Bite founding member / guitarist Steve Stokes‘ recent post on Resist & Bite – The Ultimate Fan Page‘s Facebook page, which states:

“If you guys only knew the truth. 😂😂😂

KNAC and Sleaze Roxx contributor Ruben Mosqueda then suggested that Stokes either provide details on what he was referring to or take the high road to which the Resist & Bite guitarist has apparently elected to take the latter option as he indicated: “Ruben Mosqueda I’d love to but have too much respect for our fallen soldiers.” Stokes went on to add: “All everyone needs to know is that we will continue to rock and we wish Tommy the best.”

Perhaps Skeoch‘s departure has something to do with Resist & Bite‘s new apparent musical direction. Resist & Bite frontman Nathan Utz indicated the following in an interview with Sam Wall back in July 2022: “We’re leaning a little more towards a more modern sound. And we’re kind of exploring, ya know? We’ve got so many different mind’s eyes in the writing program of this band, that go North, South, East, and West. Yeah, we’re just experimenting on different sounds and genres of music, we don’t wanna just stick to one kind of sound you know what I mean?” Utz added: “So again we’re just exploring, but we’re leaning more towards a little more of a more modern industrial type sound. Some of our heavier influences and some of our lighter influences are starting to shine out in some of this new material.”

Only time will tell on whether Skeoch and/or any of the remaining Resist & Bite members will reveal what happened between them that led to the Tesla guitarist switching bands seemingly rather abruptly.

Back on October 22, 2022, Resist & Bite founding member and drummer David Parks announced his “departure from Resist & Bite effective immediately” via the band’s now former Facebook page while indicating that “As a founding member, it leaves me sad as it was not my decision.”

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