December 4, 2023
Kiki Solvej and Reinier Zonneveld

Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej deliver a fresh dose of techno with the release of the two-track Keine Liebe, Kein Rave.

German DJ, producer, and vocalist Kiki Solvej has been connected to music since her childhood, and ever since she discovered the illegal rave scene in her home country, she’s immersed herself deeper in electronic music. Her artistic journey as a producer in the techno realm culminated in the release of her first two EPs on Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid, Deutsches Rave Mädchen and Psy. Now, Kiki Solvej has teamed up with the label boss for her third EP on the imprint, Keine Liebe, Kein Rave.

Out now across all platforms, this two-tracker packs a punch from the jump as its title track sees Kiki Solvej and Reinier Zonneveld deliver a dose of hard techno that will slap you upside the head and force you to the dancefloor. The high-octane nature of this tune makes it one of the filthiest to land on the imprint as it pummels you with hard-hitting drums, hypnotic vocals, and mind-altering synths.

‘Keine Liebe, Kein Rave’ is about the love you feel, when you are – let’s say it like this (laughs) a ‘real raver’. Without true emotions there is no real rave. And this is always something that Reinier and I have in common so much. Our love for each other, our love for the music, the scene, the rave. This is why we’re here.

Kiki Solvej

Just when you think you can catch your breath, “Royal” arrives front and center to keep the energy levels high. This solo track from Kiki Solvej sees her flexing her abilities to craft captivating techno soundscapes that are teeming with acid tones and bright synths. It will strike a chord with those searching for their next nostalgia-inducing ride as listeners descend into the depths of her mad world.

Listen to Keine Liebe, Kein Rave on Spotify or your preferred platform, and stay tuned for more from Kiki Solvej and Reinier Zonneveld by following them on social media.

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