December 3, 2023
"Red Bull 1520" Launched For Hip-hop Fans

This month Red Bull launched a new platform geared exclusively to lovers of all things Hip-hop. And it’s something to get hyped about.

Red Bull 1520, now live on YouTube, will be the home of a variety of original and engaging hip-hop programming. This new offering will provide hip-hop heads with fresh and exclusive content ranging from original series to coverage of Red Bull-sponsored music events. And it’s already on and popping. Currently, Red Bull 1520 currently offers two one-of-a-kind series, “Red Bull Rap IQ” and “Red Bull Spiral.”

“Red Bull Spiral:” A Battle of the Beasts

For fans of Cypher, “Red Bull Spiral” is the perfect offering. “Red Bull Spiral” grants fans front-row access to one of the hottest freestyle ciphers. Those who tune in will experience lyricists in full beast mode engaged in a full-throttle battle of lyricism. Fans won’t have to miss one minute of the action as cameras capture the exchange bar-for-bar.

The series promises to reveal the prowess of artists in an unparalleled fashion. And only the best of the best will live up to the challenge, leveling the field as they bring their “A” game. “Red Bull Spiral” sets the tone with Coast Contra, the first featured guest.

And those who continue to tune in will catch features by artists Buddy, Nana, Baby Tate, Ken the Man, La Russell, and Kalan.FrFr in future episodes.

Red Bull 1520: “Rap IQ”

Red Bull 1520: Rap IQ. Image source: Red Bull Content Pool, Jeremy Jeputat.

“RAP IQ’ isn’t just any series. It’s a hot new game show that pits hip-hop artists against special guests. The format is trivia based, testing the depth of hip-hop knowledge. It’s a battle to ultimately see who has the highest rap IQ, a revelation of who’s the “rap genius.”

Episode one is currently streaming and features Westside Boogie v. GRIP, Dee Moe, and Brittany Sky. Future episodes will feature P-Lo, Buddy, and none other than D-Smoke. So for those looking for something to stoke the intellect while being entertained, check out “RAP IQ,” hosted by Patrick Cloud, comedian and creator.

Lifting Hip-Hop

This is Red Bull’s contribution to the culture, offering a platform rich in content that provides talent-driven engaging programming. “It’s the newest YouTube Channel dedicated to hip-hop featuring beats, bars, and live performances from rap’s next movement.”

So, if a passion for hip-hop is coursing through your veins, this is worth checking out. Tune in to Red Bull 1520 to catch their latest programming offering fresh episodes monthly.

Written by Renae Richardson

Edited by Nikita Serdiuk

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