March 2, 2024

Solace Family Records serves up underground delights for a well-rounded collection of creative tracks via the aptly named Augmentation.

Founded on the idea of finding solace within the community, it’s no surprise that producer Ujuu has long aimed to break free of stereotypes with his label. Making way for a wide array of artists, Solace Family Records champions creativity and authenticity with each step they take as a matter of principle.

Recent Indianapolis Solace Family shows have seen dynamite lineups featuring the likes of LYNY, Mythm, and Daggz, in a largely underserved geographical area, engraining the live scene even deeper into the midwest. Following the imprint’s inaugural Electric Wave Festival last year, the bar is set even higher for 2023 with nothing but growth on the horizon. 

Solace Family’s recently released Augmentation compilation contains a stellar mix of uptempo, movement-inducing tracks along with more experimental, mild-melding compositions. Artists featured include SaintMiller, VISKUS, and jordnmoody among others across the 12 track offering, which provides a strong focus on trap-ladened beats among a bass-fueled primary.

Buzz Junior and Yxnwer instantly add color and hype with “Name Drop,” a song full of bounce, dark overtones, and rail-breaking momentum. RYNS provides a dose of “funfunfun” with a classic beats and an ethereal overlay that create a chilled movement, backed into grime later in the track. “WUT” shows SAAS at full shine in a hype song that carries listeners out of the other side. It creates a sense of energy due to the song’s interesting catch and release format.

Sushi Mane comes through for a downtempo break with “In My,” which excitedly maintains the thought-provoking musical aspects that Solace Family fans have come to love. Heavier bass vibes with kooky vocal cuts can be found on “Breaking Breadskin,” from Squirrely Bass. Through a wide variety of well-collected thoughts that represent the compilation as a whole, VISKUS adds a finishing touch of swagger and closes with “Intentions,” featuring SKVLEZ.

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Solace Family Records – Augmentation – Tracklist:

  1. Adiios – Smoke Dogg
  2. Buzz Junior, Yxnwr – Name Drop
  3. fluent – Whisperings
  4. jordnmoody – Shottas
  5. RYNS – funfunfun
  6. SAAS – WUT
  7. Saint Miller – Concentrate
  8. Squirrely Bass – Breaking Benjamin
  9. Sterfry – MOTION
  10. Sushi Mane – In My
  11. Ujuu – Searching
  12. VISKUS, SKVLEZ – Intentions
Solace Family Records - Augmentation

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