October 1, 2023
RayRay and JVNA Team Up for Empowering Melodic Bass Track, "Butterfly" - EDM.com

Self-empowerment is the name on the game on RayRay’s new single, “Butterfly,” a melodic bass ballad written with fellow Taiwanese producer JVNA. Featuring a slow-burning bassline and sultry, hypnotic vocals, the collab is an ode to their experiences in the music industry as women, as well as the lessons they’ve taught themselves along the way. 

Creepy and crawling, otherworldly and unyielding, “Butterfly” builds like lightning on the horizon with minimalistic percussion and sensuous lyricism: “Watch me as I go and take a leap / Try to make the dreams my reality.” Meanwhile, deep bass grows beneath the surface, waiting to overtake you with a thunderous drop.

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