October 6, 2022

Both singles, while extremely different in style, were co-written and produced by DC area based team Todd Wright and Ethan Mentzer. The two also provided guitar, bass, and drums to both tracks. Hamilton enlisted additional musicians Larry Goldings on keys and Anna Barreiro on percussion.

When asked about her new single “Tangerine”, she comments “I wanted abstract lyrics so that the listener could connect their own meaning to them. For me, Tangerine is a reminder to focus on the beauty in life. To believe that miracles can happen. To keep faith when the world around you says otherwise. As if you are living in a black and white film and you are the only one who sees the red, blue, tangerine”.

Photo credit: Fabian Fioto

Hamilton’s music has been heard in various tv shows, including The Good Place, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Shameless, Katie Keene, and an Apex legends video game. 

Addie co-wrote Pokey LaFarge’s “Lost in the Crowd” as well as “Hollywood Calling” on the String Theory’s current album “The Los Angeles Suite”, where she is the featured vocalist.


Photo Credit: Fabian Fioto

BAYWUD‘s Anthem “All Together Now” is about overcoming hardships, finding the strength in ourselves and in others, and coming together to help pull each other out from under the rubble. It’s a fight song that is meant to evoke strength and courage and bring a sense of community and solidarity.

Photo Credit: Mark Nubar

“My recent EP “MMXX” was mostly downtempo and acoustic songs of reflection. I thought it would be a nice change and it turns out lyrically it’s very timely with what’s going on in this country”.

These singles are the first of many to be released in 2021 and both artists are preparing full albums for summer release.



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