September 30, 2023
PROFESSOR OF ROCK Takes A Deep Dive Into LED ZEPPELIN's Houses Of The Holy Centerpiece Track "No Quarter" (Video)

PROFESSOR OF ROCK Takes A Deep Dive Into LED ZEPPELIN’s Houses Of The Holy Centerpiece Track “No Quarter” (Video)

September 17, 2023, 21 minutes ago

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Professor Of Rock has released the new video below, along with the following introduction:

“All eyes were on this legendary band after they released their megalithic fourth album, Led Zeppelin IV. Championed by many as the greatest rock record ever written, everyone was clamoring for a sequel, but they wouldn’t get it. Instead, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham took a sharp left turn into unexplored territory, kicking out a bold collection of songs that tapped into a diverse selection of genres: Houses Of The Holy. The rock press eviscerated them for it, but time would prove that they knew what they were doing. An essential entry into the compendium of rock, Houses Of The Holy also boasts today’s featured song, ‘No Quarter’. And I’m telling you, we’re zeroing in on a haunting masterpiece, written by the band’s most underrated member. This foreboding track is a work of sheer genius and will engulf your soul. It was also part of a cut-throat moment when two of the members reunited, leaving him out while naming their project after his song!”


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