December 1, 2023
Princess of Atlanta Rap Omeretta The Great Jumps Into The Fray, But Talks Latto And What ATL Is

Some people like to watch the world burn.

When “Sorry, Not Sorry” hit, Omeretta the Great was identified as somebody that likely owned both match and gasoline. Her controversial hit record set off a firestorm of controversy that she has enjoyed. Everybody from the Atlanta area – including legends like Ludacris and T.I. – gave their take on the song, which is a fierce examination of what is Atlanta and what is not Atlanta. But controversy is not all that Omeretta is.

While she is the oft-proclaimed “Princess of Atlanta Rap” is more than inner-city strife and chaos. She’s an extremely talented artists with other songs in orbit. She patched things up with Latto on “Sorry, Not Sorry [Remix]” and, more recently, dropped “Baba,” which underscores her tremendous talent as a writer and character.

The svelte, chocolate sister sits with AllHipHop’s Slops and hilarity ensues. Everything from a Top 5 that’s not chock-full of Atlanta artists 👀 to reveal exactly where she grew up and also what gives her the right to determine what is “Not Atlanta.” Lastly, she discusses upcoming music, her renewed relationship with Latto and more.


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