February 21, 2024
Pretty Boy Floyd singer Steve Summers seeking musicians for couple of projects

Pretty Boy Floyd singer Steve Summers seeking musicians for couple of projects

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Pretty Boy Floyd‘s lead vocalist Steve Summers has some projects brewing including that he is preparing to release his first solo song and video by May of this year. Summers is looking for some musicians to assist him in that regard.

The following message was posted on Summers‘ Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Musicians wanted for a couple Steve Summers projects. Guitar, Bass and Drums. Must be great player, sing, have access to home studio, fast learner, dedicated, multi task ability, great attitude, song collaboration ability and want to be on the first Steve Summers solo song and video ready by May for M3 Festival. Also other project has something to do with me singing some of Too Fast For Love so cool look would benefit both projects. PM me. No slackers and no one with girlfriend or wife issues. Hit me up here or at summerspbf@yahoo.com. More Pretty Boy Floyd 2024 dates coming at ya hard all year. For booking, contact Chuck at chuck@artistww.com and hey Happy Bday to Vince Neil yesterday.”

During the last six months or so, Summers has been embroiled in legal and public battles with his former bandmate / guitarist Kristy Majors involving the Pretty Boyd Floyd name and brand. Sleaze Roxx does not know whether Summers‘ new projects are as a result of these disputes.

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