December 2, 2023
[Premiere] Onumi offers “FALLCATCHER” on GRL GANG ‘Wreck The Halls, Vol. 3’ Compilation

GRL GANG, a label and community dedicated to supporting women and non-binary people in dance music, is back again with the biggest installment of their annual Wreck The Halls compilation yet.

The compilation, out today, features eight tracks from some of dance music’s most promising up-and-comers with Dino Shadix, TINYKVT, Kendoll, and more offering fresh tracks to feast on. For this Your EDM premiere, we’ve chosen to focus on onumi’s track “FALLCATCHER,” a blistering four-and-a-half minute bass-filled journey.

“FALLCATCHER” has plenty of winter-themed motifs to lick your lips at, if, maybe, it was a hellish winter. Beginning with almost TRON-like synths and samples of gears turning in machinery, the melody slowly kicks in ahead of the gut-wrenching drop. Not one to be satisfied with a simple A/B progression, the second drop following another beautiful bridge delves into drum & bass.

Check out “FALLCATCHER” from Onumi below and listen to the full compilation here!

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