March 2, 2024
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According to a recent study conducted by Honeymoon Always, which analyzed Google Trends data, it was found that Indonesia is the most popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds in the United States.

The study revealed that eight states preferred Indonesia as their top choice, with seven specifically interested in the island of Bali. The data were collected by analyzing the most-searched-for honeymoon destinations in each state.

The eight states with Indonesia at the top of their wish lists, with Hawaii, Kansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming, all expressed a desire to visit. Further data analysis revealed that most of these states had a higher search volume for a honeymoon in Bali, except Kansas, where most searches were for honeymoons in Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia. Credit: NORA CAROL/GETTY IMAGES

Mexico: Tulum, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta

Residents of Connecticut prefer Cabo San Lucas as their honeymoon destination, while Nevada couples have expressed the most interest in visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Credit: CINTHIA AGUILAR/GETTY IMAGES

Mexico attracts honeymooners with its breathtaking beaches, warm weather, and rich culture. Tulum has gained popularity in recent years for its stunning coastline, ancient Mayan ruins, and eco-friendly resorts.


Tulum, Mexico. Credit Forbes

On the other hand, Cabo San Lucas is known for its luxury resorts, world-class golf courses, and lively nightlife, making it a preferred destination for residents of Connecticut. However, Puerto Vallarta, with its charming old town, scenic beaches, and romantic restaurants, is also a popular choice for honeymooners from Nevada.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Credit: Goats On The Road

Italy: Amalfi Coast

With its historic cities, beautiful countryside, and delicious cuisine, Italy has long been a top choice for honeymooners worldwide. The Amalfi Coast, in particular, has become a popular destination for couples from six states, such as Florida, Oklahoma, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, and beyond. This is thanks to its breathtaking views, charming villages, and romantic atmosphere. Whether exploring the historic city of Rome, cruising through the magnificent canals of Venice, or savoring the delicious food and wine of Tuscany, Italy offers endless possibilities for a magical and unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Amalfi Coast, Italy. Credit: Times Travel

Nevertheless, newlyweds from New Mexico have expressed a desire to visit Italy, indicating a broader interest in exploring the country’s many regions and attractions. Italy offers a range of experiences for honeymooners, from sightseeing and wine tasting to relaxing on the beach and indulging in local cuisine.

Italy. Credit:


Switzerland has emerged as the most popular honeymoon destination among people from five states: Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

This country offers a variety of activities for honeymooners, from skiing and hiking in the mountains to exploring historic cities and enjoying fine dining and shopping. The country is also home to many scenic lakes, including Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich, which offer opportunities for boating, swimming, and other water activities. With its natural beauty, cultural attractions, and luxurious amenities, Switzerland has something to offer every type of honeymooner.


Switzerland. Credit: KAYAK

Florida, Los Angeles, California, and Oahu Hawaii

Moreover, according to the study, honeymooning in the United States is a popular choice for newlyweds in four states. Florida is the top pick for honeymooners in Maryland and Minnesota.

Sarasota, Florida. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whereas couples in Utah search most for a honeymoon in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles, California. Credit: SEAN PAVONE, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

Meanwhile, New York residents are most interested in visiting Oahu, Hawaii, for a romantic getaway. Opting for a domestic honeymoon can be a convenient and cost-effective choice for couples, allowing them to experience the diverse offerings of the United States without the hassle of international travel.


Oahu, Hawaii. Credit: GyPSy Guide

Greece: Santorini and Mykonos

Greece is the most popular honeymoon destination in three US states, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and New Jersey. The enchanting islands of Santorini and Mykonos are trendy among couples seeking a romantic and picturesque setting. Santorini offers ancient ruins, quaint villages, local cuisine, and beaches.

Santorini, Greece. Credit: Visit Greece

In contrast, Mykonos offers luxurious accommodations, lively nightlife, and trendy restaurants and bars.

Mykonos, Greece. Credit: The Planet D

Greece has a rich history, incredible landscapes, and a vibrant culture that has attracted honeymooners for years. There’s something for every couple, from exploring ancient ruins to enjoying delicious cuisine and dancing the night away. A honeymoon in this country promises to be a magical and unforgettable experience.

Caribbean Islands: St. Lucia, Belize, Barbados, and Aruba

Couples from Georgia and Vermont seem captivated by the exotic beauty of St. Lucia, making it the most popular Caribbean destination for their honeymoon.

St. Lucia. Credit: Saint Lucia: Let Her Inspire You

Then again, people in North Dakota are eager to explore the lush tropical forests, beautiful beaches, and historical Mayan ruins of Belize.

Belize. Credit: EF Ultimate Break

For Alabama newlyweds, the romantic island of Barbados is the ultimate honeymoon destination, with its turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife.


Barbados. Credit: Getty

As per Honeymoon Always, Aruba is the most popular honeymoon destination among couples from Oregon and Montana. Newlyweds from these states show strong interest in exploring this Caribbean island, known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and luxurious resorts.


Aruba. Credit: Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock

In contrast, couples from Iowa and Virginia are turning to Chile as their top choice for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Chile, located in South America, offers a variety of attractions for honeymooners, including stunning natural scenery, delicious cuisine, and a rich cultural heritage.

Whether it’s soaking up the sun on Aruba’s beautiful beaches or exploring Chile’s vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes, these destinations offer plenty of opportunities for romance and adventure.

Chile. Credit:


The Maldives has emerged as the top destination for couples from Alaska and Rhode Island looking to book a honeymoon. This country is an archipelago of over 1,000 coral islands in the Indian Ocean, known for its crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts.

Couples from Alaska and Rhode Island are drawn to the Maldives’ secluded and romantic atmosphere, which makes it an ideal location for newlyweds seeking a private and intimate honeymoon experience. With its overwater bungalows, white sand beaches, and world-class dining and spa options, the Maldives offers honeymooners a truly luxurious and memorable experience. Along with its natural beauty, the Maldives also offers a variety of activities for couples, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and island hopping.

Waldorf Astoria’s, Maldives private island. Credit: CNN


Another great country, Seychelles, has emerged as the most popular honeymoon destination for Indiana residents. In the Indian Ocean, this country consists of 115 islands and is famous for its stunning coastline, turquoise waters, and various marine life.


Seychelles. Credit: andBeyond


Meanwhile, West Virginia couples are turning to the city of love, Paris, as their top choice for a romantic honeymoon. Paris, the capital city of France, is renowned for its romantic atmosphere, historic landmarks, and world-class dining and shopping options.

Paris, France. Credit: GetYourGuide


South Carolina couples are highly interested in Iceland as a honeymoon destination. This place offers outdoorsy couples a unique and memorable honeymoon experience with its dramatic scenery, natural hot springs, and Northern Lights.

Whether basking in the sun in Seychelles, strolling along the romantic streets of Paris, or exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, each location offers a different kind of charm and adventure for newlyweds seeking a dream honeymoon.


Mauritius Island and Tahiti Island In French Polynesia

Statistically, residents of Wisconsin and Arkansas have the highest interest in honeymooning in Mauritius and Tahiti, in French Polynesia, respectively. Mauritius is a tropical island nation located in the Indian Ocean, known for its outstanding beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse wildlife.

Beautiful beaches on the main island of Mauritius. Credit: WorldAtlas

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, offering a romantic and secluded getaway with its overwater bungalows and breathtaking natural beauty.

One of Tahiti’s islands. Credit: Tahiti Legends

Ireland and Caribbean Island Antigua

On the other hand, Delaware residents are uniquely attracted to Ireland’s lush green landscapes and historic castles, making it their top choice for a honeymoon destination.


Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland. Credit: PlanetWare

Contrary to popular belief, Maine couples are looking to the Caribbean island of Antigua for their post-wedding getaway, known for its white sandy beaches, sparkling waters, and upscale resorts.


Caribbean Island, Antigua. Credit: Tripadvisor

Cayman Islands

For Nebraska residents, the Cayman Islands have become the top destination for honeymooners. The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean Sea, famous for its world-renowned diving and snorkeling sites, pristine beaches, and stunning sunsets.


Cayman Islands. Credit:

The Struggle For Equality: Pat Boy and Discrimination In Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful place to visit, but like every country, its citizens face difficulties daily. A great deal of respect is paid to indigenous practices in museums, whereas they are disrespected in other areas of the country. According to a 2017 government study, almost one-fourth of Indigenous people aged 12 and older have encountered prejudice.

Mexican rapper Jesús Pat Chablé, also known as Pat Boy, has experienced racism like many of Mexico’s 23 million Indigenous people. However, Pat Boy is now using rap to combat prejudice, bring back ancient languages that are slowly disappearing, and inspire a sense of pride among young people in his culture that has existed for centuries.

Mexican rapper Pat Boy. Credit: Instagram / @patboy_rap_mayaoficial

“Through music, I started researching more about the Maya, and I began to see great things: philosophies, traditions, culture,” Pat Boy said. “I wanted to share that information that I learned to new generations through music.”

The Marvel blockbuster Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has recently brought Pat Boy’s music, along with Indigenous rap in general, to a worldwide audience.

Barack Obama’s Early Years In Indonesia: A Foundation For His Future

Former US President Barack Obama spent some of his childhood in Indonesia and returned for multiple visits, including a trip to Bali in 2017.

Former President Barack Obama. Credit: Alex Wong / Staff / Getty Images

He resided in Jakarta with his mother and stepfather from age 6 to 10, went to school, and learned the Indonesian language. Obama views his time in Indonesia positively, saying it shaped his worldview, taught him the significance of diversity and tolerance, and significantly influenced him.

Childhood photo of Obama in Indonesia. Credit: Hadi Surya Dharma via AP

Additionally, while in office, he focused on strengthening the relationship between the US and Indonesia, recognizing the country’s importance as a partner in Southeast Asia.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Tour In Indonesia: A Spectacular Show

In 2012, rapper Nicki Minaj went to Jakarta, Indonesia, to perform on her “Pink Friday” tour. It was part of her first global tour to promote her first album with the same name. Thousands of fans attended the concert in Jakarta and enjoyed seeing Minaj perform popular songs like “Super Bass” and “Starships.”

Nicki Minaj. Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Florida: The Hometown Of Late Rapper XXXTentacion

The late rapper XXXTentacion, known for popular songs such as “Sad!” and “Look at Me,” was born in Plantation, Florida. Although his personal life was controversial, his music resonated with a vast fanbase, quickly propelling him to fame in the rap industry. Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, also known by his birth name, spent much of his childhood in Florida and enrolled at Piper High School in Sunrise. Later, he dedicated himself full-time to music. Despite dying young at 20, XXXTentacion’s posthumous album “Skins” has received critical acclaim and commercial success, showing that his music still significantly impacts the industry.

Late rapper XXXTentacion. Credit: The Famous People

Honeymoon Spokesperson Responds To Recent Discoveries

Commenting on the study, Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always said:

“We always have a pulse on what destinations are the most popular for honeymoons, but studies like this are always fascinating to see where people are interested in visiting. While a relatively small percentage of people make it to Bali, it’s a popular dream destination where hopes may be tempered once the cost and flight times are understood.

I also love seeing the continued popularity of US destinations since there are so many fantastic honeymoon options close to home. We are also reminded of how vital travel advisors and influencers are in sharing other opportunities that do not make a list since these hot spots are not always their best option.”

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