September 30, 2023
PnB Rock Body Released, Family Drama Ensues

PnB Rock tragically passed away earlier this month (Sep 12). Since the shooting, authorities have begun investigating the crime. Unfortunately, this has caused some friction with the PA rapper’s family. According to anonymous sources, PnB Rock’s mother requested to have her son’s body immediately for religious purposes.

However, the Los Angeles medical examiner could not give up PnB Rock’s body due to an ongoing homicide investigation. Rock’s younger brother PnB Meen subsequently took to Instagram to further elaborate on the issue.

“We been Having trouble getting My brothers back to Philadelphia,” PnB Meen typed. “The state of Los Angeles Claiming they Have some type of Law, goin against ours As Muslims. Now I have no clue when his Janazah It’s not right yo it’s goin on a week.”

Clearly, this is just salt on the wound for an already grieving family.

The Fight For PnB Rock

For those who practice the Muslim faith, a Janazah is a meaningful ceremony that must occur within 72 hours following someone’s death.

Sources told TMZ Rock’s mother flew to la from Philly to identify her son’s body and get it back home for the Janazah. During the meeting in the medical examiner’s office, tensions apparently got so high the LAPD had to be called to prevent any physical altercation. In addition, performing an autopsy goes against PnB Rocks’ faith and was done against his mother’s wishes. Of course, the autopsy is a vital part of the criminal investigation.

Since then, the medical examiner has released an official autopsy report. The report states PnB rock died from a gunshot wound to his back and chest and finalized it as a homicide. Despite all the behind-the-scenes drama with authorities And family, the medical examiner’s office has wrapped up its process and has given permission for funeral proceedings to begin.

It’s unknown if the body is under the family’s custody currently. However, funeral processions should be coming soon since the medical examiner’s office reported that they’ve been ready for the switch since Friday.

Written By Dreema Carrington

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