February 5, 2023

Rapper Plies is among many artists who humorously share their thoughts on social media. Now, he has shared his thoughts on the new Frontier Airlines “All You Can Fly” deal, which costs less than $600.


Frontier Airlines just announced an “All You Can Fly” pass for domestic travel, which offers unlimited trips for a year for $599. One of the first celebrities to react to the new deal is Florida rapper Plies, who does not shy away from sharing his opinions.

The “Becky” rapper, who recently did his own Summer Jam, shared his thoughts on the new deal with several jokes about the airline, calling the seats “uncomfortable.”

“Frontier, I don’t mean to bust y’all muthaf*ckin bubble, but ain’t no way. Until y’all pull them seats back,” said Plies. He also says the deal should be lowered to “$250 dollars” due to the low quality of seats. “600 (dollars) sounds good, but y’all supposed to be 250 (dollars) until the seats go back,” he added.

Plies would later compare the seats to sitting upright in the principal’s office and also compared Frontier’s plane interiors to the inside of the plane from 2004 comedy film Soul Plane.

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