April 22, 2024
Pivot Gang's "Aang" Is an Ode to the Last Airbender: Stream


Pivot Gang have returned with their first new song since 2019, and while it’s been a minute, the hip-hop collective is confident that they’ve mastered their craft like “Aang,” the Last Airbender. Listen to the braggadocious track below.

“Hopping out the water like Aang with my gang n****/ Got that fire like Aang with with my gang n****/ Air a n***** out like Aang with my gang n*****/ Moving that rock like Aang with my gang n*****,” Joseph Chilliams raps, making clear he’s seen the Avatar classic. Elsewhere, Saba, who produced the track, proclaims, “I might Prada the fit/ Cuz I’m proud of the shit/ I accomplished with all of my accomplices.” Atop the rappers’ flow, the track incorporates original vocals and guitar from Gaidaa and Maria Sanchez with additional production by daedaePIVOT.

Pivot Gang’s last album was 2019’s You Can’t Sit With Us. More recently, MFnMelo and squeakPIVOT — who sadly passed away in 2021 — teamed up for the collaborative project En Route in 2021. In February, Saba branched out for the solo album Few Good Things, which featured Pivot Gang on the song “Solider.”

On November 26th, Pivot Gang members Saba, MFnMelo, Joseph Chilliams and Frsh Waters will perform at Metro Chicago for their annual John Walt Day celebration, which honors the group’s founding member (born Walter Long Jr.). Tickets to the benefit concert are on sale now.


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