December 3, 2023
Perry Wayne

Bass artist Perry Wayne makes his return to Gud Vibrations with his first EP of the year, the hard-hitting Rise Of The Enterprise.

Perry Wayne is a Dallas-based artist whose specialty is crafting hard-hitting bass music. There’s a cinematic quality to the universe of his music that’s landed him the support of bass giants such as Excision and NGHTMRE while becoming a natural addition to festivals like Lost Lands, Bass Canyon, and more. Perry Wayne’s latest EP, Rise Of The Enterprise, marks his return to Gud Vibrations following a series of releases on Subsidia and is a cumulative effort to create a distinct world that’s simultaneously ready for the big stages of festivals. While it’s his first EP of 2023, it’s just one stop on a journey that proves to be a fruitful one for the rising artist.

Rise Of The Enterprise is an immersive experience from the beginning. In its titular track, the scene unfolds with cars honking amid the bustle of a city and rain hitting the pavement – it’s a vivid image that’s so clear it almost burns in your mind. A loud thunder opens the song to its musical elements, with an eerie lead-up to the female robotic voice that announces, “This is a message for all citizens. Wayne Enterprises has taken control of the star systems.” Finally, the voice distorts, saying, “This is their world now,” before fully introducing the growling, metallic crunches of the drop. It’s a short drop, but it’s a concise reflection of the immersive experience Wayne brings throughout the EP.

The following song feels like a direct sequel to the events of “Rise Of The Enterprise.” “You Die” billows with a single note that rings out, folding itself into a cascade, false safety of twinkling notes. Of course, it lasts for mere moments before unleashing a sequence that seems as though it was pulled directly from a film, with kicks, snares, and distorted bass delivering the scene – like a massive annihilation instigated by intelligent machines.

Rise Of The Enterprise continues with a cohesive sound in “Top Dawg,” a collaboration with Nosphere. Beginning with glitchy effects, the sound quickly parries into organic elements, including the grungy sound of an electric guitar. This track, while still robust in its sound, highlights a sharper drop that cuts deep. In the song’s VIP edit, Wayne carries over the sharper notes and folds in erratic beats that surge with intensity.

The EP is an enormous cinematic showcase of Perry Wayne’s capabilities. While certain aspects of the EP are apparent with its narrative, the musical elements are what ultimately carry the experience throughout the four tracks and make it so connected in the first place. Listen to Perry Wayne’s Rise Of The Enterprise on Spotify or stream the EP via your favorite music platform.

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Perry Wayne – Rise Of The Enterprise – Tracklist:

  1. Rise Of The Enterprise
  2. You Die
  3. Top Dawg (with Nosphere)

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