December 1, 2023
Perfetto Releases Night Calls Me Remix Pack with ALRT, Valy Mo, DotEXE and Going Deeper

Los Angeles based producer and DJ, Patrick Perffeto known as Perfetto orignally from Montgomery, Maryland has assembled a top notch lineup of remixers for his latest single ‘Night Calls Me’ featuring John Twilight. Remixes from the insanely talented list of producers include ALRT, DotEXE, Going Deeper, and Valy Mo all putting their own twist on Perfetto’s uplifting single.

The original release “Night Calls Me” has a progressive house feel, and each remix brings something new to the original record. ALRT’s remix keeps things simple and has a tech house feel with his unique style of bass and speed house that he has rode to prominence with. DoTEXE has a very euphoric future bass groove, along with tasteful vocal chops, and a unique arrangement. Valy Mo brings a classic house remix, perfect for the peak hours at the club or underground events alike. The Going Deeper remix brings their house feel, paired with an electric festival energy.

Listen to the “Night Calls Me” Remix pack below and be sure to check out the original record as well.

Stream the original below with John Twilight.

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