April 14, 2024
Paul Stanley in make-up pointing at the camera

There will come a time, and it won’t be too far away, when Kiss’s End Of The Road tour will actually reach the end of the road. And then? No more pyro. No more costumes. No more platforms that hoist the band up into the rafters. No more fire-breathing, no more spouting blood, no more zip-lining from one end of the arena to the other. 

For Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley it’ll be more than half a century since the first Kiss show. And while the impending emotional impact of that closing show isn’t lost on Stanley, he’s not one for allowing the fireworks fizzle.

“These shows become that more precious and meaningful as they dwindle down,” he tells us. “But while they’re dwindling, we’re going to kick as much ass and blow up as much stuff as possible.” 


The first dates of the End Of The Road tour were announced on October 30, 2018: did you ever imagine you’d still be talking about upcoming Kiss shows four-and-a-half years later?

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