May 30, 2023
PANDRADOR Unveil “Nithstang Of Sleipnir” Single, Lyric Video

Post-death metal band Pandrador has unleashed a lyric video to the third single off its upcoming album Seiðr. Entitled “Nithstang of Sleipnir”, the lyric video is available below.

The band said: “‘Nithstang Of Sleipnir’ is a prequel to Hvergelmir and Valediction of Exalted One. ‘Pride comes before a fall’ is probably the best (in its most depressing form) aphorism that can be attributed to  the sound of this piece. We also used here a quote from Rúnatal – a fragment of Hávamálu – one of the most important, and certainly the most important philosophical works in the history of Scandinavian culture.”

Seiðr will be the band’s second full-length album and will be released on May 26 via Pagan Records. The album is both a continuation of the well-received debut Ov Rituals, Ov Ancestors, Ov Destiny (self-released) and the opening of a completely new chapter.

Pandrador is a four-piece death metal band formed back in 2015. The group established their presence in the scene with the demo Śmierć Baldura in 2017. With each of their releases, they decided to present a different style but bound with a common extreme metal foundation. The combination of these styles is also present in the band’s lyrical themes, which use Scandinavian cultural heritage as a carrier of the stories told – both from the present and the past.

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“Asgardsreien Leaving Valhalla”

“Towards The Black Einherjar”

“Midgard’s Bane”


“Nithstang Of Sleipnir”


“Valediction Of Exalted One”



“Nithstang Of Sleipnir” lyric video:

“Valediction Of Exalted One” guitar playthrough video:

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