April 15, 2024
Ozzy Osbourne Ronnie James Dio Axl Rose

Rolling Stone‘s listing of the 200 greatest singers ever includes iconic rock vocalists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, Axl Rose, Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant and Chris Cornell.

Since 2008, an ever-evolving list featuring musical heavyweights has taken shape—from the iconic Aretha Franklin to groundbreaking Rosalía and other renowned vocalists. This time however, powerhouses such as Celine Dion, Pink , Jennifer Hudson, Nat King Cole and Dionne Warwick have been omitted from this esteemed lineup.

Knowing that readers might take issue with Rolling Stone‘s selections, the publication included an introduction to prepare for potential complaints: “Before you start scrolling (and commenting),keep in mind that this is the Greatest Singers list, not the Greatest Voices List. Talent is impressive; genius is transcendent. Sure, many of the people here were born with massive pipes, perfect pitch, and boundless range. Others have rougher, stranger, or more delicate instruments… In all cases, what mattered most to us was originality, influence, the depth of an artist’s catalog, and the breadth of their musical legacy.”

Rock singers included on Rolling Stone‘s list:

#12 – John Lennon
#14 – Freddie Mercury
#26 – Paul McCartney
#32 – David Bowie
#52 – Mick Jagger
#63 – Robert Plant
#80 – Chris Cornell
#82 – Steve Perry
#105 – Eddie Vedder
#109 – Roger Daltrey
#112 – Ozzy Osbourne
#129 – Rob Halford
#134 – Axl Rose
#165 – Ronnie James Dio
#176 – Iggy Pop
#181 – Bob Seger
#199 – Glenn Danzig

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