February 21, 2024
Oz Hawe Petersson’s Rendezvous unveil video for debut single “As We Cry”

Oz Hawe Petersson’s Rendezvous unveil video for debut single “As We Cry”

Oz Hawe Petersson’s Rendezvous featuring Osukaru guitarist Oz Hawe Petersson have unveiled a video for their debut single “As We Cry” from their upcoming self-titled album, which will be released via Pride & Joy Music on March 22, 2024. “As We Cry” features Oz Hawe Petersson (Osukaru, ex-Eye) on rhythm guitars, Mathias Rosén (ex-Eye) on keyboards, Rebecka Tholerus (ex-Art Nation) on bass, Jesper Persson (Alicate) on drums, Chris Rosander on lead guitar, Fredrik Werner (Osukaru, Air Raid) on lead vocals and Zuzanna Korba (Swedish Idol TV show) on backing vocals.

The YouTube caption for the video indicates in part:

Oz Hawe Petersson’s Rendezvous is a rock project featuring Osukaru guitarist Oz Hawe Petersson and keyboard player Mathias Rosén, both once part of the short-lived band Eye (Sweden) which folded back in 2010.

With many more stories to tell, Oz and Mathias kept on writing songs together. Yet due to hectic schedules on both ends, they were in no rush to find a proper home for them – not until the year 2021.

Osukaru would release their most successful album to date with “Starbound” but with the world still on hiatus back then, there were no shows lined up just yet. Oz took the time off to once again reach out to Mathias and work on new songs. It was finally time to make a proper album together.

Oz and Mathias come from opposite ends musically but in classic rock they found communion. With new songs in the works and additional musicians attached, they titled the project Rendezvous. Ultimately, they inked a worldwide deal with German label Pride & Joy Music for a release on March 22nd, 2024.

The musicians on this albums include David Forbes (Boulevard), Chris Rosander, Fredrik Werner (Osukaru), Sayit Dölen & more.”

Oz Hawe Petersson’s Rendezvous‘ “As We Cry” video:

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