September 26, 2023
REZZ Lollapalooza 2022

Rezz haunts and flaunts on Nightmare on Rezz Street 2, the first release to land on her newly-minted imprint HypnoVizon.

Following the release of her album Spiral in late 2021, Rezz has been incredibly busy. This year alone, the bewitching Canadian producer has toured, delivered notable collaborations, and founded her own label, HypnoVizion. Up next? The stunningly dark and highly anticipated audiovisual release – Nightmare on Rezz Street 2.

A sequel to the 2018 mix, this one is genuinely for the OG Rezz fans. Thoroughly stacked with bass-laden instrumentals and classic horror movie samples across its intro and 12 IDs, Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 was created to be fun and without expectation [spoiler alert: it exceeds expectations].

This kind of project has been the most fun for me throughout my career. Nightmare on Rezz St is a 30-minute mix of unreleased music that I may not have ever released otherwise. I create the songs with zero expectations other than to finish each one. This is my second time creating this audio/visual cohesive mix, and It brings me back to when I first started making music & the freedom that comes with just putting music out for fun on the internet without any major concise plans!


Celebrate spooky season with Rezz by watching Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 on YouTube or listening on your preferred platform. Read on for a deeper look at its IDs, and let us know which is your favorite on Twitter!

Check out Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 on YouTube:

The “Intro” and “ID 1” take listeners down the dimmed hallways of a dysfunctional sanitarium with references to Patient Zero.

Half-working fluorescents inside and fire outside offer some light, but stronger, spookier overtones quickly drown them out. These first two tracks are the implied moments of intrigue before things turn completely ghastly.

Soft, child-like whispers open “ID 2” with a hard-punching repeated bass note followed closely by some quick-moving scratches. All pieced together, this one chillingly crawls through each ear and down the spine. In contrast, a hip forefront lends some house vibes in “ID 3” alongside a horn blaring in and out in the background. Overall, unique rhythm structures ensure the mood is highly danceable while maintaining the overlying theme. 

Leading in with a quote from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was complete perfection for the fourth ID. The song connects well with the previous but transitions the listener into a grimier and heavier environment. Then, the fifth ID samples a distorted version of Rezz’s own “Relax” with a voice that is similar to the original yet anything but relaxing.

ID 6” is filled with an array of dance music confections: wubs, synth melodies, grinding disharmonies, and a reset at the 45-second mark for one of the filthiest drops on the whole mix. The next track builds anticipation with hair-raising smooth beats. Not to be missed: Rezz’s glasses are the light source for the carousel in visual accompaniment for the next ID that follows shortly after.

Continuing in the dark art of genre-melding, Rezz gives the eighth ID a bit of ’90s grunge and trance. The Blair Witch Project theme from the previous seems to carry over strongly. On the opposite end, “ID 9” opens with frightening unfamiliarity. A not-so-subtle nod to DnB, this one moves melodic basslines into the forefront with punctuated beats.

Rezz, make it go slow like this: IDs 10 and 11 do mellow the vibe out slightly but only in tempo reduction. All the dissonance and mystery are still very much present. While the tenth feels mildly trap-tinted, the eleventh goes for a softer version of creepy. Closing with a sound that could be likened to a dying toy, the final seconds of “ID 11” successfully intensify any previous malintent felt within the track.

Finally, “ID 12” opens with a line to sum the mix up perfectly… it’s “sir, bloody well done.” It’s easy to imagine that this mix, just like the last, will live on playlists for years to come.

Rezz – Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 – Tracklist:

  1. Intro
  2. ID 1
  3. ID 2
  4. ID 3
  5. ID 4
  6. ID 5
  7. ID 6
  8. ID 7
  9. ID 8
  10. ID 9
  11. ID 10
  12. ID 11
  13. ID 12

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