April 24, 2024
Omarion Addresses Fan Who Thought They Were Engaged


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In today’s episode of Boooooy, Y’all Have GOT To Be Smarter Than This, a woman recently learned on national television that she is not, in fact, engaged to R&B singer Omarion.

A woman who goes by the name Simone was a recent guest on Dr. Phil. She became a guest after her friend got frustrated with her because she refused to believe the man she had been communicating with since October 2020 was lying about being the former B2K member and absolutely lying about making her his fiance.

Simone admitted that she never received the engagement ring “Omarion” supposedly bought her because they had never met in real life because O-naw-rion’s “manager wants me to pay $3,000 to meet him.”

Look, I never want to see anyone fall victim to an internet scammer, but if it never occurred to Simone that no rich celebrity is going to need her to pay three racks to get him flewed out, maybe this was a lesson she was just desperate to learn the hard way. Clearly, Simone never watched The Tinder Swindler on Netflix.

To make it worse, Simone admitted she wasn’t even sure if the man she had been talking to for more than two years even sounded like Omarion.

“I talk to him every day,” Simone told Phil, who responded by asking, “Does it sound like him?”

“To me, I can’t really tell ’cause I only know his voice by vocals and him singing,” she answered. “I can’t really tell it’s him…his exact voice.”

Now, sis’.

According to Blavity, Simone finally came to glory on the fact that she is not engaged to the You Got Served actor, nor has she been in contact with him, once Phil brought the real Omarion’s real manager on the show to confirm it.

And just in case even that wasn’t enough to convince her (because if she hadn’t figured it out by now, who knows what TF it will take) Omarion himself made a video appearance on the show to deliver the bad (but absurdly obvious) news.

“I heard about today’s show, and I definitely want to share this important message with my fans and the viewers,” Omarion said. “It’s crazy how far these people will go to convince and manipulate my fans to think that they’re actually speaking with me. From sending fake driver’s licenses and passports, even FaceTiming them, claiming that there was a bad connection when they’ve never even seen me.”

“I’m so sorry, Simone, I haven’t been speaking with you online, and we are not in a relationship,” he continued. “You haven’t sent me any money. I want everyone to be aware that if someone is online claiming to be me and asking for money that you are not speaking with me. I would never do that.”

In addition, Complex reported that Omarion posted a message to his Instagram account urging his fans to “be smart” because “so many people have stories saying they spoke with me online.”

“I don’t take advantage of people,” he continued. “I respect and appreciate people who support me.”

And for the record, Dr. Phill knows he’s wrong for continuing to exploit people like this. Every tragic person doesn’t need to be a source of entertainment, regardless of how much they should have damn well known better.


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