April 19, 2024
Old School Is Cool: DJ Ghost Takes Us Back


The dance floor is a place where the pulse of good music can take away any worries and anxieties as we get lost in the rhythm. It’s an outlet for us to be free and lose ourselves, a way to escape from our everyday lives. Much has changed in the music space recently, and many may even argue it's too long since we had quality music.

Forget the auto-tuned songs with a catchy beat that can only be listened to for 30 seconds without getting bored. The best kind of music is meaningful music created by artists who put their heart and soul into it because they have something to say. For over 25 years, DJ Ghost of Cherry Moon Trax has been producing old-school dance music that takes us back with a nostalgic feel and unique sounds drawing on classic
disco, funk, and soul sounds from the 80s and 90s. With his signature sound and style, he takes the dance floor back to an era where the variety was abundant, authenticity thrived, and good music prevailed. Created in a time before CDs and USB sticks became popular for DJs who wanted to play at events and clubs, DJ Ghost’s tracks are produced authentically from synthesizers, drum machines, analog gear, and turntables.
With their superb quality and energetic sound, his productions take you on an exhilarating ride to any era of your choice, eliciting feelings many people have felt before.

“The sound of old-school dance music is as familiar to many people now as the taste of homemade apple pie, DJ Ghost says:

“The disco era left its mark on our culture, with songs we still hear blasting out at every nightclub. It’s a rich history, full of stories and great memories. In the past, DJs had to rely on their own creativity and talent to produce music that would get people on the dance floor. The process of producing music was more time-consuming but with an artist’s touch lacking today. Today, it seems like everything is filtered through autotune or vocoders, and in a sense, it takes away from our individuality as human beings”

Even though music is more available in this era, finding something that catches and maintains your attention long enough in what appears like a sea of mediocrity is challenging. The type of music you find on streaming platforms blends into one long and boring composition you can’t find the motivation to dance to. A seasoned expert in dance music, DJ Ghost’s compositions bring that feeling back with a unique sound
that’s different from most contemporary DJs in today’s modern world.

“This is my life, this is what I do” says DJ Ghost when asked about the longevity of his career as an artist. He speaks passionately about how he loves to make people happy through his production and his future plans. The multitalented producer has played worldwide, from New York, Miami, and Chicago, to all capitals in Europe. He performed at global festivals like I Love Techno, Rave Rebels, Qlimax, Sensation, Reverze, Decibel, and Parookaville, to name a few. He aims to produce more music through his label and playing on big world stages.


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