December 10, 2023
O.U.R. Brand Music Label Teases New Album With Latest Single “Rah Rah” Featured

Hip hop has been losing its individuality as time progresses but the new powerhouse independent label, O.U.R. Brand Music Label is bringing the culture back to life.

O.U.R. Brand Music Label isn’t your regular everyday label, across their roster is a diversified cast of artists that are versed in varying genres and span between local and international backgrounds. O.U.R. Brand Music Label has put together an all-star team and is always on the lookout for new artists whose sound matches their vision of providing the best sound for music lovers. Their latest single, “Rah Rah” released on all major streaming platforms September 3rd, 2021, features O.U.R. Brand Music labelmates Tay Yung and 2Craz applying steady pressure over the energetic single. Inspired by the foundations of hip-hop’s essence, “Rah Rah” has been running the radio waves, being picked up on 20+ stations across the US inclusive of worldwide BDS radio play.

The track teases the upcoming O.U.R. Brand Music Label compilation album, “OBM Till We All Rich” debuting their full roster of signees including Tay Yung, 2Craz, Flood Dawg, Laim LA Adams, and John Relo among others. While the artists let loose their full creative genius, in house producer, PacoTheProducer creates the dynamic beats with the label’s SummerTown Studios headquarters handling the recording, mixing, and mastering.

O.U.R. Brand Music Label CEO RaShawn Russell ensures the label houses talent that will change the face of the music industry, not by following the trend, but by giving their artists full creative control to tap into their full potential. What they represent is Opportunity, Unity, and Respect that cultivates their philosophy of family-like bonds throughout the evolving genres in the industry. It’s only a matter of time before they revolutionize music globally.

Check out their latest single while waiting with the world in anticipation for their “OBM Till We All Rich” album and follow them on Instagram/Twitter @ourbrandmusic.

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Instagram/Twitter @ourbrandmusic

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