February 26, 2024
"Not Ready" By Tru Frass feat. BigHomieKayden

Brooklyn rapper Tru Frass delivers a powerful song once again. In addition to releasing his second single of the year, “Not Ready,” featuring BigHomieKayden, this new track will captivate many fans.

Artists often feel excited, anxious, and even scared when releasing a new track. They hope it will be well-received and look forward to seeing how people react to it. They also can’t help but feel a bit of pressure, knowing that this single will be judged harshly and compared to their previous work.

However, releasing new singles is an excellent opportunity for artists to gain exposure and increase their following. Also, it is a perfect way to spread messages and stimulate discussion around the ideas and themes they address in their songs.

Brooklyn rapper Tru Frass. Image source: Instagram, @tru_frass

“Not Ready” displays the versatility and authenticity of Tru Frass as he spits catchy bars throughout the song, giving the listener a taste of The Bronx. With his smooth vocals and melodic singing, BighomieKayden adds depth and texture to this song, which contrasts nicely with Tru Frass’ hard-hitting bars.

Aside from bringing an additional layer of energy to the song, Kayden’s vocals create an infectious atmosphere.

“Not Ready:” Can Melodic Singing Enhance Rap Music?

Using melodic singing in rap songs has the benefit of helping to create complex rhythms and hooks that will remain in the listener’s mind. In rap songs, melodic singing adds an emotional element that allows it to convey subtle messages and feelings that would otherwise be impossible to convey with just spoken words.

It also serves as a counterpoint to the more aggressive lyrics, enhancing the song’s dynamic quality. For example, the chorus of the classic rap song “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang consists of a melodic hook sung by a female vocalist, which provides a striking contrast to the rapping of the verses.

You can stream “Not Ready” and Tru Frass’ other single, “Karma,” below:

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