April 14, 2024
Norwegian Producer Artist Facading Achieves 20 Million Streams on Spotify

The music industry is an entertainment scene that has drawn significant attention and competition since time immemorial. Almost everyone likes music, although people’s favourite genres and classifications will always vary. Similarly, the music industry is highly competitive, and there’s no magic to succeeding; you need to put in consistent effort to remain on track. You will only be considered a successful musician or artist when you hit the industry headlines, amass millions of streams and followers, and earn an adequate income to sustain your lifestyle. Consistency, hard work, focus, and resilience are essential factors that can help to propel a musician into the limelight and disrupt the music airwaves.

Facading is a celebrated and successful artist and producer based in Oslo, Norway, who has worked his way up to attain millions of streams on Spotify. Born as Nikolai Håland, the 23-year-old quickly found his feet in mid-tempo electronic music. He is celebrated for blending traditional electronic vibes with modern influences. Facading promptly made a name for himself on the much-admired Trap Nation. With stable
releases like “Walk Away,” “Crossed the Line,” and “Freefalling,” he rapidly became a fan favorite representing the utmost legitimacy within electronic music. While EDM is a minor genre in Norway, Facading is one of Norway’s biggest EDM producers today. After signing to one of the UK's most prominent labels, NCS, he has several hits and over 320,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Moreover, Facading has numerous releases on the most prominent EDM curator on YouTube with over 30 million subscribers, Trap Nation.

Facading is undoubtedly riding on the glory of a successful music career. To date, the enthusiastic artist has overwhelmingly garnered over 20 million streams on Spotify alone and over 50 million streams on all music platforms. He is pleased to be one of Norway’s biggest EDM producers on Spotify. However, Facading revealed that his path to success was no walk in the park, especially when he entered the music industry. But through sheer hard work, he managed to overcome the challenges as a new artist in the industry by networking with the right people, which eventually paid off.

When asked about the secret behind his successful career, Facading had this to say, “To become a successful musician, you should work hard, don’t be too obsessed with trends, have fun in general, and surround yourself with like-minded people.” “Music is a game of fame, and fame can be infectious. It is, therefore, necessary to have a connection and good relationship with fellow industry colleagues to become and remain a successful musician. Many prosperous musicians have established their celebrity through their relationships with other musicians. Meeting others in the industry is a tool for budding musicians,”

Facading asserted. Facading also emphasises that the music industry favours hardworking and talented people. A good number of musicians did not rise by themselves but were instead elevated through the inspiration of top artists. Failure to interact with these like-minded people may lead to a slow success rate. When asked about his dreams and aspirations, Facading responded:

“I see myself continuing to produce music, generating the millions of streams that I am at the
moment, but to a larger degree. I also see myself getting booked bigger shows.”

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