June 9, 2023
NLE Choppa Ex

NLE Choppa is being called out by his ex-girlfriend, Marrisa Da’Nae for not being present during her pregnancy. Da’Nae also claims that their relationship never ended, despite his recent interactions with other women.


Memphis rapper NLE Choppa was outed by his ex-girlfriend, Marrisa Da’nae, who claims he has been absent during her pregnancy.

Da’Nae, who shared a video of her crying after they initially broke up in September 2022, took to her Instagram story and went on a rant, calling NLE Choppa out.

In a video, Da’nae shared sonograms and ultrasound images of her baby and said that their baby was “not an accident,” revealing the two planned to have the baby. Da’nae also claims that NLE Choppa paid her for the pregnancy. 

In one of her videos, the “Shotta Flow” rapper is seen helping Da’nae with her medicine.

Da’nae also added that Choppa has not been to her doctor’s appointments and has only seen him twice since she found out she was pregnant. In one post, Da’Nae expressed her frustration with NLE Choppa’s absence and his attention on other women.

“Tell these folks why im really mad n*gga!”, Da’Nae wrote. Cause you aint doing yo mf part but ready to be in the next woman’s face!”

On April 7, NLE Choppa released the “Slut Me Out” Remix featuring female rappers Sukihana and Sexyy Red, which shows NLE Choppa “dog walking” both rappers by using their hair as leashes. There were also romance rumors circulating about NLE and Sexyy Red after the two were seen kissing in the “Slut Me Out” Remix video. 

In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, NLE Choppa said he tried to make a pass at Bronx rapper Ice Spice. However, she changed her number after he offered to take her to a vegan restaurant.

Despite a video of Da’Nae crying over their initial break up, she claims they “never broke up.” Da’Nae further explained why she was emotional in the past video.

“We never broke up,” Da’Nae wrote. Only said that to the public so y’all would stop sending s*it to me and nobody would be in his business anymore.” 

NLE Choppa has not responded to Da’Nae’s claims.

On January 18, Memphis rapper NLE Choppa shared a post revealing that he cut off his dreadlocks with the caption, “Step 1: Detachment,” showcasing a new spiritual journey. Shortly after sharing his new journey, the “Capo” rapper organized a peaceful protest and skating charity event on Jan.28 for Tyre Nichols, who died from his injuries due to police brutality in Memphis.

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