December 1, 2023

Nitepunk looks to HARD Recs for the release of his debut album, Human, which packs a punch with 15 energetic tracks.

While some artists are playing it safe in the bass music realm, others are continuing to shake up the scene by exploring different production techniques, blending influences from other genres, and driving forward relentlessly into futuristic sounds. Nitepunk is one of those artists pushing the boundaries of the scene. He found a love for electronic music early on while living in Georgia and discovering the rave scene in his home country, but while he found some success in his early years it wasn’t until he moved to the US that it really took off.

While living in New York and later in Los Angeles, Nitepunk immersed himself in the underground scene and began to get support from industry heavyweights, especially after dropping tunes on labels like UKF, Disciple Round Table, Never Say Die, and Subsidia. Now, in 2023, he’s turned the page to the next chapter of his career with the release of his debut album, HUMAN.

Out now on HARD Recs, this 15-track album is a culmination of the years that Nitepunk spent honing in on his sound. The result is an eclectic, bass-fueled masterpiece that will inject energy straight into your veins as the seconds tick away. HUMAN isn’t a run-of-the-mill album by any means, even if it leans heavily into elements of trap and dubstep at moments throughout.

During the creation of this album, there were many radical changes that affected my workflow and environment. At the very end, it seemed like everything was falling into place, and the project became exactly what it was meant to be. I am excited to share this with the world and step into the next journey of new experiences and inspirations.


Tracks like “I Know That You Know,” his collaboration with X&G, delivers a hearty helping of breaks that help stoke the fiery energy while the distorted vocals kick it into a higher gear. Similar breaks-driven soundscapes can be found on “Miracle” and both tracks with Yianna, “Better Off” and “I’m Not Yours And You’re Not Mine,” the latter of which is an absolute jam.

Previously released single “MTV” is also a stunner with its sick lyrical flow and beat that punches you straight in the face. Others, like “Point” with Habstrakt, inject a dose of bass house into the mix for a ride that’s fitting for any dancefloor where shufflers are showing off their best moves, while “Too Hot To Touch” plays in contrast as one of the heaviest among the collection with its dubstep-fueled ride. So if you’re on the hunt for some forward-thinking tunes, don’t sleep on HUMAN.

Listen to Nitepunk’s debut album on Spotify or your preferred platform, and let us know your thoughts on HUMAN over on Twitter!

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Nitepunk – HUMAN – Tracklist:

  1. Grounded
  2. Hyperdust
  3. I Know That You Know (feat. X&G)
  4. MTV
  5. Flow
  6. Point (with Habstrakt)
  7. I’m Not Yours And You’re Not Mine (feat. Yianna)
  8. Too Hot To Touch
  9. MIracle
  10. Move Ahead
  11. Nephilim’s Drama
  12. Sober
  13. Black and Colors
  14. Better Off (feat. Yianna)

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