November 26, 2022
Metal Shout

Niro Knox who was a guitarist in ‘KilliT’ and ‘King Lizard’ has officially launched a career on his own and his latest 2 singles from the potential album sound hot as hell! The former guitarist is now showing a huge singing talent that might even take him further than ever.

2 tracks from the yet-to-be-released full album are exclusively displayed on the album’s Kickstarter page (which is doing very well so far!)

Check for the social media accounts and Kickstarter page below!

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Niro is an up-and-coming artist originally from Israel, after moving to London 19 years ago, he quickly became infamous for his playing in the London Underground Metal/Rock scene. His style and sound were always distinct and something that would make him very recognizable.

“And what is it with guitarist Niro Knox, who places his stamp on every song here? His solos are played with a furiousity that makes me wonder if he caught his guitar tech screwing his girlfriend mere hours before entering the recording studio.” – SleazeRoxx 2012 (

He very quickly gained the support of the late Malcolm Dome of Classic Rock Magazine (RIP) when he reviewed ‘The man has such a feel and touch that if he was around in the 80s, he would have probably ended up in Guns N’ Roses or Motley Crew’

In 2005 he joined King Lizard as a permanent member and was in that band until 2014 together with Flash Sawyer on vocals, Moyano El Buffalo on Drums and Lee Benz on Bass they recorded 2 albums with Bad Reputation records and toured Europe, King Lizard played the headline slot in Motocultor Festival 2011.

After that, Niro wrote some material for an album and gathered the best players he could find for his new project – KilliT, he felt the songs deserved a world-class singer so after a lot of searching, Gaz Twist joined KilliT as a lead singer and KilliT was officially a band starting 2014 until 2020. Other members were Ben Smart on Bass, Pete Jean on Drums, and Claire Genoud on Guitar.

“There are no fillers and the production is clear and crisp.” – 2016

KilliT toured and played many festivals in the UK including: Isle of Wight festival, Ramblin Man Festival, Hard Rock Hell Festival, Stonefree Festival and toured the UK with Diamond Head in 2018

During that time, Niro was also working for Vampires Rock musical as the lead guitarist. Now that the coast is clear again, Niro is starting a new journey on his own this time as an independent artist and these days is writing his debut album.

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He is working with drummer Jerry Sadowski at the moment and recording all the rest of the album himself.
To keep a high standard sound and allow the freedom to work with no pressure, Niro decided to pre-sell the album on his kickstarter and that is funding the album.

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