February 26, 2024
Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s children are the new owners of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles, according to his brother Blacc Sam. He also detailed the store’s origins and highlighted PUMA’s trust fund donations.


Blacc Sam, Nipsey Hussle’s brother, said the late rapper’s children were given ownership of the Marathon Clothing Store in Los Angeles. 

In an interview with the Earn Your Leisure podcast, Blacc Sam, whose real name is Samiel Asghedom, was asked about the origins of the Marathon Clothing store and its future. According to Sam, the Marathon Clothing brand was created by the late Los Angeles rapper and was inspired by his 2010 mixtape, The Marathon.

The store’s new owners are his children, Emani and Kross Asghedom.

“It’s (Marathon Clothing store) in Hussle kids’ names. It’s in their trust fund,” Asghedom said.  “So when they get older, they know this is something that their father worked for and that they own.”

Asghedom also mentioned that the clothing brand PUMA added money into the children’s trust funds as Nipsey was a partner of PUMA and his clothing brand.

“They (PUMA) came back to the table and more sure the kids was set up straight,” Asghedom said. “At the top every year they hitting the kids in their trust fund.”

Asghedom did not specify the amount that is given. A Nipsey documentary is also in the works, telling a story about the origins of his Marathon Clothing store and the brand.

In January 2023, the family of the late Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle filed a court case to seek custody of his oldest daughter, Emani.

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