December 11, 2023
Nick Cannon Children Quality Time Is Lacking

Nick Cannon stays busy. Given his many projects, his plate always seems to be full. However, Cannon had plenty of time to bring new life into the world. Over the last decade, Nick Cannon has sired eleven soon-to-be-a-dozen children by several women. His high-profile expectancies have been constant fodder for the press. In some cases, his choices have become quite the centerpiece of conversations. The prevailing question is why Cannon chooses to continue his chosen path.

Cannon On The Defensive

Cannon has made countless public appearances addressing the issue and has always predicated his choices on a love for children. Nevertheless, his explanation didn’t curb the ongoing conversation. The heaviest concern became the ability to assume all appropriate parental responsibilities. Cannon again assured the public of his capability of being there for his children. According to the performer, he’s been able to show up in a supportive capacity financially and physically as much as his calendar would allow. In a Billboard article, Cannon was reported as saying,

“Contrary to popular belief, I’m probably engaged throughout my children’s day, more often than the average adult can be.”

So essentially, it was a fruitless argument. Who would deny the claims of a doting father? Announcement after announcement of impending births, the public held their breath and extended their congrats.

A Change Of Tune

However, now Cannon is changing his tune a bit. In a recent interview, the personality admitted that he has been having some guilt. The reason behind Nick Cannon’s guilt is his inability to be there for his children as he would like. Cannon is noted as saying,

“Being a father of multiple kids, my biggest guilt is that I don’t get to spend enough time with all my children.”

The rationale behind his ability to do so was something that most already understood. As he further explained, “he’s spread too thin.”

Is this admission surprising? No, it is something to expect. But what is most confounding is why it took Cannon so long to come to such a conclusion.

Nick Cannon’s Blessings And Lessons

Life is about lessons, and Nick Cannon is learning valuable ones. However, people are fallible. They make poor decisions and mess up; status or station doesn’t matter. But what is admirable is the admission. It takes courage to admit feelings of guilt over a decision poorly weighed.

Children are not commodities or trophies to collect. Parenting is work and requires devotion. One of the most valuable resources a parent devotes to a child is time. But unfortunately, of all the things in the world people can buy, time is not one of them. Sadly, it is only at this point Cannon realizes the folly in some of his decision-making. But people live and learn. So let’s hope he takes what he has discovered and learns and grows from it.

Written By: Renae Richardson

Edited By: Nikita Serdiuk

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