January 31, 2023
NGHTMRE's "DRMVRSE" Album Is a Hallucinogenic Matrix: "We're About to Send You On the Craziest Trip of Your Life" - EDM.com

No blue pill or red pill can replicate the mind-bending matrix of NGHTMRE’s DRMVRSE.

NGHTMRE released his long-awaited debut studio album on September 9th after eight years of cranking out hits such as “REDLIGHT” and “GUD VIBRATIONS.” The album is just one bright star in the deep expanse of DRMVRSE.

The cinematic project is a methodical piece of fiction with music, animation and narrative components—and that’s just scratching the planet’s surface. DRMVRSE tells the story of a fictional NeuroTech company that discovers a sonic frequency called “Unsound,” leading users through gateways to other physical planes of existence.

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