September 21, 2023
New Order Announces New Low-Life (Definitive Edition) Box Set

New Order will be releasing a “definitive edition” box set for their third album, 1985’s Low-Life, on January 27th via Rhino. The announcement has arrived with an unreleased early version of the single “The Perfect Kiss.”

The collection comes in a 2xCD, 2xDVD, and 1xLP package that includes newly revealed tracks, rare and recovered audio and visual material from the era, a hardbound book, and fresh sleeve designs by the album’s original graphic artist Peter Saville. The CD supplement features uncovered writing session recordings of staples like “The Perfect Kiss” and “Sooner Than You Think” as well as instrumentals for “Love Vigilantes” and “Sub-Culture.”

Additionally, the DVD offerings present unreleased footage from the band’s 1985 concerts in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Canada, as well as scarcely circulated recordings from a Tokyo show that year and a BBC-hosted Whistle Test performance at The Hacienda in Manchester. The vinyl counterpart includes the original heavyweight tracing paper designed by Saville, while a 48-page retrospective book holds hardly seen photos and a new interviews with every band member.

Special 12-inch vinyl singles are also available exclusively via the band’s website. These include a limited edition version of “The Perfect Kiss” pressed on crystal clear vinyl with a mirror sleeve and a 12-inch “Sub-Culture” in a plain black, no-label sleeve with an updated design; both incorporate the original, unrealized specifications from the band to promote the album’s only two singles. In a statement, Saville shared that the mirror design was an unfulfilled vision from 1985 and “I have wanted to see it ever since. The original concept was intended to evoke the reflective glamour of a lipstick (re: ‘Perfect Kiss’) in a minimal/pop art style. ‘The Perfect Kiss’ in this form will be transformative and a must-have for fans and collectors alike.”

Along with news of the massive bundle comes its first sampling in the form of an unheard early draft of “The Perfect Kiss.” Stream it below and check out the full contents of the Low-Life (Definitive Edition) box set after the jump. Pre-orders for the collection are ongoing.

Low-Life (Definitive Edition) Album Artwork:

Low-Life (Definitive Edition) Tracklist:
CD 1: Low-Life
01. Love Vigilantes
02. The Perfect Kiss
03. This Time of Night
04. Sunrise
05. Elegia
06. Sooner Than You Think
07. Sub-Culture
08. Face Up

CD 2: Low-Life Extras
01. Love Vigilantes (TV Pitch instrumental edit) *
02. The Perfect Kiss (writing session recording) *
03. Untitled no. 1 (writing session recording) *
04. Sunrise (instrumental rough mix)
05. Elegia (full length version)
06. Sooner Than You Think (album session unedited version) *
07. Sub-Culture (album session early instrumental version) *
08. Face Up (writing session recording) *
09. Let’s Go (album session instrumental) *
10. Untitled no. 2 (writing session recording) *
11. Sunrise (writing session recording) *
12. Love Vigilantes – (writing session recording) *
13. Sooner Than You Think (writing session recording) *
14. Skullcrusher (demo) *

Low-Life (Definitive Edition) Vinyl LP
Side 1
01. Love Vigilantes
02. The Perfect Kiss
03. This Time of Night
04. Sunrise
Side 2
05. Elegia
06. Sooner Than You Think
07. Sub-Culture
08. Face Up

Live in Tokyo The Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 1985
01. Confusion
02. Love Vigilantes
03. We All Stand
04. As It Is When It Was
05. Sub-Culture
06. Face Up
07. Sunrise
08. This Time of Night
09. Blue Monday
Live in Rotterdam The Rotterdam Arena, Netherlands 1985
10. As It Is When It Was
11. Everything’s Gone Green *
12. Sub-Culture *
13. Ceremony *
14. Let’s Go *
15. This Time of Night *
16. The Village
17. The Perfect Kiss *
18. Age of Consent *
19. Sunrise
20. Temptation *
21. Face Up *
Live in Manchester Whistle Test, The Hacienda 1985
22. As It Is When It Was
23. Sunrise
24. Face Up (restored version)

Live in Leuven The Manhattan Club, Leuven, Belgium 1985
01. Let’s Go *
02. The Perfect Kiss *
03. Age of Consent *
04. State of The Nation *
05. As It Is When It Was *
06. The Village *
07. Sub-Culture *
08. Atmosphere *
09. Blue Monday *
10. Thieves Like Us *
11. Temptation *
12. Confusion (restored version) *
Live in Toronto The International Centre, Toronto, Canada 1985
13. Elegia *
14. Sub-Culture *
15. The Village *
16. Sunrise *
17. We All Stand
18. As It Is When It Was *
19. Love Vigilantes *
20. 586 *
21. Age of Consent
22. Temptation
23. Ceremony *
24. The Perfect Kiss *
The Perfect Film Rehearsal Room, Cheetham Hill, Manchester 1985
25. The Perfect Kiss

* = previously unreleased

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