February 26, 2024
New Nightlife Safety App Uses Bluetooth Positioning To Find Your Friends

A new nightlife safety app in the UK uses Bluetooth to find a friend’s location without the need for Wi-Fi.

Where You At? (WYA) is said to be one of the first apps offering peer-to-peer safety features using indoor mapping and Bluetooth beacons to find someone’s exact location.

The Bluetooth beacons are small, low-power Bluetooth transmitters that can be detected by wireless devices like Bluetooth- enabled smartphones. The beacons are placed in fixed positions, such as mounted on walls, to provide location references for indoor positioning applications like WYA.

This type of positioning uses less power and is more accurate than Wi-Fi positioning, such as Find My Friends, and can deliver location accuracy below five meters to take a user right to their friend in a dark and crowded nightclub.

In partnership with the Night Time Industry Association, WYA will launch at several London-based nightclubs including Ministry of Sound, XOYO, and E1. WYA is also being trialed at universities in Nottingham and Sheffield.

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