October 1, 2023
NEW: Fred again.., ILLENIUM, Seven Lions, RYL0 + More - Your EDM | Week In Music

As we near closer to the winter in the US many artists have begun to hibernate and hold off on releasing new music until the new year starts. As we near closer to months of November and December many artists have stopped releasing in anticipation of having an explosive beginning of 2023.  Other have not curbed there heavy output of releasing incredibly good new music. From Fred again.. to ILLENIUM and Sickick all have been releasing some of there best music now!

Release Spotlight

Fred again.. does it again.. with the release of “Delilah (pull me out of this).” Fred has us all on the edge of our seats waiting for his new album Actual Life 3 out October 28th.

hyperpop producer and vocalist RYL0 released a new pop-punk record “Leave Me Alone” which features crunchy guitar riffs and a bass boosted beats.

The Chainsmokers released a full lofi version of their album So Far So Good.

After over 10 years Santa Barbara-born melodic dubstep producer Seven Lions released his debut album Beyond The Veil.

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