December 11, 2023
New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Nate Smith, Ashley Cooke, Jay Allen & More

Sometimes, you have to “Start Nowhere” and endure some “Wreckage” in order to one day be able to enjoy the “Pretty Things.” This new list of songs stresses the importance of living without regrets and never forgetting the people and memories that remain in your hometown, even that high school football player who stole your heart. 

Listeners are hearing from a fresh batch of rising artists like Shane Profitt, Jay Allen, and Ashley Cooke, as they’ve recently dropped new music. 

From boot-stomping anthems to witty bluegrass jams and reflective love songs, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Nate Smith – “Wreckage”

Nate Smith is causing some “Wreckage” with the release of his new captivating song. He first teased the track on social media and instantly had fans begging for more. Written by Smith alongside Chris Sligh, Mary Kutter, and Paul Wrock, “Wreckage” describes the liberation of finding that special person who will see through your “baggage” and stick around, as opposed to those in the past turned away and left.

“I’m a little damaged, but damn you saw the good / When everyone saw baggage, you loved when no one could / Laying in this bed beside you, I don’t have to hide away / You see all the wreckage and it wrecks me that you stay,” Smith sings in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Tenille Arts – “Motel On the Moon”

After about three years of fans requesting Tenille Arts to drop her song, “Motel On the Moon,” the time has finally come. She co-wrote “Motel On The Moon” with Dave Thompson and Patricia Conry in response to a partner letting you know they need space. So, through poised vocals, Arts takes things to the next level by saying she will travel far beyond Earth to give them the space they claim to need.

“This song is for YOU – the fans. You’ve asked me in every meet & greet since 2020 to put this song out… so I decided it was finally time,” Arts shared on Instagram.

Stream the track HERE.

Shane Profitt – “Country Boys”

Shane Profitt’s latest release, “Country Boys” is the definition of a boot-stomping country music anthem. The rising artist co-wrote this song along with Blake Bollinger and Nate Kenyon, and the result is nothing short of a good time. Profitt is giving listeners a boost of energy with his elevated vocals and hard-hitting lyrics that will make you want to grab your cowboy hat and your best toe-tapping boots. 

“Country boys is a windows-down, riding-backroads, feel-good song. I’m super excited for the world to hear this one, because it shows a little bit of a different side of me,” Profitt shared.

Stream the track HERE.

Jay Allen – “No Present Like The Time”

Jay Allen co-wrote his new song, “No Present Like The Time” with Micah Wilshire and Nate Kenyon after suffering a great loss with the death of his mother. Through that experience, he realized the importance of living life to the fullest every single day because you never know what the future may hold. This led to Allen’s inspiration for this song and the hope that he can share this newfound insight with his listeners through his powerful vocals and lyrics that are bound to touch your heart. 

“It was 2019, she was my world, and only 54 when Alzheimer’s devastated our family. What I experienced during those years was a sort of sadness and doubt that almost broke my spirit, but what I gained was an invaluable lesson – time is precious. If I could go back, I would answer every phone call, say ‘I love you’ every day, take a lot more pictures, and just spend time with her. I know my mother wouldn’t want me to live with regrets, so instead I believe she gave me this song to remind me how to live. I hope it does the same for you.”

Stream the track HERE.

Teddy Robb – “Pretty Things”

Teddy Robb has made his independent debut with “Pretty Things.” Written by Kyle Sturrock, this new song allows Robb to put his deepest thoughts and emotions into words. Not only does “Pretty Things” show appreciation for the small things in life, it also demonstrates humbleness and plenty of hope for the future. 

“I was sitting around a bonfire one night with my buddy Kyle Sturrock and my girlfriend Leah. He started playing ‘Pretty Things,’ and it was in that moment that every emotion I had been trying to explain came out in song form,” Robb explained. “It’s been a tough couple of years, but I’ve had amazing friends and family by my side continuously supporting me and this song showcases just that.”

Stream the track HERE.

Ashley Cooke “running back”

Ashley Cooke is reminiscing on more than just the Friday night football games and homecoming dances of high school. With her latest release, “running back,” Cooke is confessing to her weakness when it comes to her high school sweetheart. Through the dreamy melody and candid lyrics written by the artist on the rise with Emily Weisband and Will Weatherly, she admits that it wouldn’t take much to get her to go running back into the arms of the former football star. 

I’ve had a few somebody new’s / Thought about forever too / But I run away when it gets close to that / And ’cause no matter how far down the road / The crazy thing is I know / If you called and said you’re missin’ what we had / I’d come running back,” Cooke sings in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Dierks Bentley – “High Note” featuring Billy Strings

Dierks Bentley is ending the year on a “High Note” with his new song featuring Billy Strings. Co-penned by Charlie Worsham and Jim Beavers and produced by Bentley alongside Ross Copperman, Jon Randall and F. Reid Shippen, this song is a true shot of serotonin with its upbeat stylings and witty references to weed. Bentley shines a light on bluegrass music as he ends the song with a jam featuring legends Jerry Douglas on dobro, Sam Bush on mandolin and guest guitar stars Billy Strings and Bryan Sutton.

“Goin’ out on a high note / A blaze of glory lit in my left hand / I’m goin’ out on a high note / Like a tenor in an old hillbilly band,” Bentley sings in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Sam Hunt – Start Nowhere” 

Sam Hunt is getting back to his roots with his latest release, “Start Nowhere.” Sitting down with co-writers Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne, Hunt romanticizes the simplicity of life without distractions. With this song, he strives to get back to that place “where the river rolls” and allow himself to get away from the business of the city to “breathe in that old down home.”

“When you grow up in a small town, you love where you’re from, you are where you’re from, and you answer the call of adventure when you turn 18 and take off out into the big wide world,” Hunt said on Instagram. “If you stay gone too long without coming home, you can get a little disconnected. Sometimes the only way to get your feet back on the ground is to go back home where you grew up.”

Stream the track HERE.

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