December 1, 2023
New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Jessie James Decker, Tyler Braden, Madeline Merlo, & More

Give your playlist a refresh with these new releases.

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

Brett Kissel – “Two Of Us” with Cooper Alan

Brett Kissel joined forces with fellow rising country star Cooper Alan to release his brand new single, “Two Of Us.” After connecting through the power of social media, the pair came together to create a charismatic tune equipped with steel guitar, acoustic guitar picks and dance-worth drum fills. Throughout the upbeat song, Kissel and Alan portray two strangers who form a friendship while celebrating the end of a work week by filling up their cups in hopes of getting a “Friday night buzz.” Penned by the rising stars alongside Matt McKinney and Seth Mosely, “Two of Us” signals the perfect soundtrack to a laid-back, carefree weekend.

“Take that one last straw, put it in a glass / Too much work, work, boss man can kiss my ass / My give a damn’s empty, so I’m fillin’ up my cup / Hell yeah, that makes two of us,” they deliver on the catchy chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Laura Bryna – “Certified”

Laura Bryna warns listeners to “buckle up” and “hold on tight” in the opening verse of her brand-new release, “Certified,” as she prepares to let her wild side run free throughout the rowdy tune. The country rocker shows no fear, turns her sass up to 10 and cements her in-your-face attitude by paying tribute to Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line” as she sings, “you think you’re as bad as Johnny, walking that line And those snake skin boots are cute but got nothin’ on mine.” Co-written by Bryna with Josh Logan and Kenny Fleetwood and produced by NCKZN, “Certified” pairs Bryna’s twang-filled vocals with sultry guitar riffs and dynamic drums to create a fiery masterpiece of female empowerment.

“Certified” is a sassy, ass-kickin’, country rocker of a song with a repetitive stomp/clap rhythm that makes it hard to forget,” Laura Bryna shared of the new tune. “When I sat down with Josh (Logan) and Kenny (Fleetwood) to write this song, we knew we wanted something uptempo that was in your face with lots of attitude. It’s all about one-upmanship – I’m sure that, like myself, plenty of women have met guys who think they’re ‘all that’ – I wanted an anthem for my ladies that says: ‘You think you’re a 10? Well honey, I’m an 11!!’”

Stream the track HERE.

Jessie James Decker – “I’m Gonna Love You”

Jessie James Decker unveils the highly anticipated “I’m Gonna Love You” as her first release since 2022. Putting her heart on full display, the songstress takes a deep dive into a stunning portrayal of love as the tender piano melody dances beneath the lyrics. The single, which marks the beginning of another new chapter, was co-written by Decker with Liz Rose and Emily Shackelton and produced by frequent collaborator Dan Agee. Before its official release, the delicate ballad went viral through a series of teasers on social media that inspired fans to share cherished memories with loved ones using “I’m Gonna Love You” as the soundtrack. 

Once Decker reaches the chorus, her powerhouse vocals come booming through the speakers as she promises, “I’m gonna love you like nobody’s loved you I ain’t in a hurry, so let’s take our time Just wrap your arms around me, give in to me tonight ‘Cause I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life I’m gonna love you the rest of my life I’m gonna love you the rest of my life.”

Stream the track HERE.

Peytan Porter – “Speaking of Georgia” 

Peytan Porter reminisces on her life back home in her new song, “Speaking of Georgia.” As she takes a trip down memory lane, the rising singer/songwriter offers a sentimental glimpse into all the things and people she left behind when she made the move to Nashville, including her first love. Alongside the warm guitar strums and Georgia-bred twang embedded in her vocals, it’s clear that Porter poured her heart out into the mid-tempo tune alongside co-writers Billy Montana and Mark Trussel.

Sharing the inspiration behind the track, Porter explained, “As you move through life, you often wonder what might have happened if you took a different path – I think that feeling is something that a lot of people have experienced. People responded really well to this song when I first shared it on TikTok so I’m excited to have this final version out that I can share with everybody.”

Stream the track HERE.

Madeline Merlo – “Tim + Faith” 

Inspired by the love story of the multi-talented couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Madeline Merlo delivers a nostalgic tribute to ‘90s country in her new single, “Tim + Faith.” Released via BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records, the song finds Merlo reflecting on her own marriage while also paying homage to the beloved era of musical legends that continue to influence her own career as a budding artist. Her charming vocals intertwine with the dreamy narrative that highlights steadfast love and the power of a traditional country song. Award-winning songwriter and Songland winner served as a co-writer alongside Jerry Flowers Parker Welling, Stephony Smith and Zach Crowell. 

“‘Tim + Faith’ is a song that pulls from my love of 90s Country music, and combines it with the feeling of everlasting love,” Merlo shared via press release. “I got married last year and one thing my husband and I say to each other all the time is ‘It’s always you & me.’ That line, along with getting to be a small part of Cole Swindell’s ‘Heads Carolina’ last year, inspired me to pay homage to one of my favorites, ‘It’s Your Love,’ with this song.”

Stream the track HERE.

Ben Gallaher – “Stomp” 

Evolving from just a guitar lick that earned Ben Gallaher millions of views on social media, the Stone Country Records rising star has finally unlocked his highly anticipated track, “Stomp.” After seeing the positive reactions from fans online, Gallaher teamed up with chart-topping songwriters Neil Thrasher, Patrick Thrasher and Wendell Mobley to help him complete the tune with its catchy lyrics driving uptempo pace. The result is an irresistible boot-stomping anthem featuring a searing guitar solo and Gallaher’s raspy vocals that leave fans no choice but to hit the dance floor and tap their toes to the energy-fueled beat. 

“‘Stomp’ is for the fans and man am I thankful for ‘em!” Gallaher gushed before adding, “They blew up that guitar riff to 13 million+, sharing it everywhere, re-posting it and giving us no choice but to finish writing that song and release it!”

Stream the track HERE.

Tyler Braden – “Friends”

Tyler Braden explores the controversial topic of maintaining a causal relationship with an ex after a breakup in his latest release, “Friends.” As he weighs the pros and cons of this possibility with a former partner, the rising singer/songwriter finds himself wondering if they can really just “bury all those memories, put a smile on and pretend that we’re just friends.” Penned by Randy Montana, Lynn Hutton, Brent Anderson, listeners get a raw taste of a reality that many couples face as Braden unleashes pain-stricken vocals surrounded by commanding instrumentals.  

While reflecting on “Friends,” Braden shared, “Honestly, this could be the most excited I’ve been for a release thus far. And that’s strictly because of the love that fans have shown for this song. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback at both live shows and through social media, and there seems to be a lot of people that are pumped to hear this one,” he said before adding, “Thanks to the writers – Randy Montana, Lynn Hutton and Brent Anderson – and to Randy for producing it. I’m proud to get to play a role in ‘Friends’ by delivering it to the world. I’ve been confident since the first time I played it that this song really is something special, and I hope listeners feel the same.”

Stream the track HERE.

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