September 26, 2023
New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Caylee Hammack, Jade Eagleson, Sophia Scott & More

It’s time to update your playlist.

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are 10 new country songs you need to hear right now.

Shane Profitt – “Still Picks Up”

Shane Profitt displays a vulnerable message of feeling disconnected from loved ones in his new track, “Still Picks Up.” The rising singer continues to peel back his emotional layers as he evokes a sentimental tone in his latest release that reminds listeners to take the time to appreciate that one person who will always pick up the phone, no matter how long it’s been. Profitt got a taste of perspective while he was in the hospital waiting room with whirling thoughts after his father had suffered from a stroke on their annual hunting trip. This led to the idea for “Still Picks Up,” which was penned by the singer with Adam James and Matt Dragstrem and is set to appear on his forthcoming full-length debut album. 

“I had no idea if I’d ever see him again,” Profitt shared honestly in a press release. “When you’re about to lose someone that means so much, you start to reflect on the stupid fights that could have been avoided and all the things you should have said. By the grace of God, my father is okay and here with me today. So, I wrote ‘Still Picks Up’ to remind us to call those important folks in our lives while they can still pick up the phone, because tomorrow is not promised.”

Stream the track HERE.

Lori McKenna – “Happy Children”

Lori McKenna delivers a dose of hopefulness in her new song, “Happy Children.” With her earnest vocals on display, the stunning singer/songwriter sends well wishes to her listeners as she encourages them to live life to the fullest, pursue dreams, spread love and end up with a joy-filled home. To showcase just how personal this song is to McKenna, it’s important to note that she penned the track with her son, Chris McKenna. Together, they wrote the powerful narrative that serves as the latest offering from the singer/songwriter’s anticipated new album, 1988, which drops July 21 via CN Records/Thirty Tigers.

Reflecting on the song, McKenna shares, “Happy Children: I heard someone say this once, ‘I wish you happy children.’ Feels like the greatest wish of all time. This song was happily written with my son Chris McKenna. It went through a couple different variations until Dave Cobb brought it so beautifully to life in the studio with the band. If my heart could say just one thing, this song is what it would say.”

Stream the track HERE.

Kameron Marlowe with Erin Kirby – “I Can Lie (The Truth Is)”

Kameron Marlowe already won fans over with the solo release of his song, “I Can Lie (The True Is),” however now, he’s taken the tune to new heights with the addition of Erin Kirby’s driving vocals. This collaboration evolved from social media after Kirby decided to duet a video of Marlowe singing his new track. Fans and Kameron Marlowe both were quick to fall in love with the female artist’s voice, thus leading her to the opportunity to record a revamped version with him. Co-written by Marlowe with Jordan Fletcher and Shane Minor, his latest offering delivers the message of how easy it is for one to have the conflicting mindset of “I can love you and hate you at the same damn time.” Together, the country artists put forth impressive harmonies throughout the nostalgic tune, which marks Marlowe’s first-ever duet.

“This song wouldn’t be true without her, and she was definitely the missing link to making the story of this song come to life,” Marlowe boasted. “I’m excited for my first duet to be something the fans made happen and I can’t wait to see how Erin’s career takes off from here. She’s the real deal and I’m very proud of this song.”

Stream the track HERE.

Tanner Adell – “Trailer Park Barbie”

Tanner Adell digs her heels into a new age of country/pop music with her new single, “Trailer Park Barbie.” As she sips on some sweet tea, Adell calls it like it is while blocking out any negative opinions of people who try to tear her down. Co-penned by the rising Nashville-based country popstar alongside Gabe Foust and Sarah Jones, the fresh song continues the flow of her genre-bending sound that includes a mix of Pop, R&B, and the occasional hint of Trap. Underneath it all, she still maintains a country foundation while adding her own unique flair. 

“Now I Got the bolo tie drippin’ / Belt buckle sittin’ / Holdin’ up my True Religion’s (skinny) / Lucchese booty fittin’ / You laugh behind the scenes / But this look ain’t cheap / And when you see me in the streets / You’ll wish you country like me,” Tanner Adell sings throughout the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Mike Ryan – “Loser”

Mike Ryan has plucked a track from his recently released album, Longcut, to deliver his latest contribution to country radio. “Loser” marks Ryan’s newest single with its aching storyline and deep-cut delivery of a narrative told from the perspective of someone who’s just watched his woman walk out the door and find happiness with someone else. The singer/songwriter showcases his smooth, twang-filled vocals that interlace with the heart-pounding guitar strums that flow throughout the Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Colin Elmore penned tune. 

“When I heard Hillary Lindsey singing this song, her voice was just absolutely amazing! I was captivated,” Mike Ryan admitted as he reflected on hearing the demo for the first time. “It was a different kind of feel and a different direction than I’ve gone before in songs, so I wanted to take a chance on it, because it was really interesting to me. It’s a strong lyrically-driven song and I fell in love with the melody instantly.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Jade Eagleson – Neon Dreamin’”

Once again, Jade Eagleson solidifies his deep-rooted home in country music with the release of “Neon Dreamin.’” The sounds of traditional country music shine throughout the honky tonk anthem that’s fueled by a steel guitar and the multi-PLATINUM singer’s charming lead vocals. Written by acclaimed Nashville songwriters Gordie Sampson, Kelly Archer and Dylan Guthro (Walker Hayes), “Neon Dreamin’” illustrates the fluttering excitement of feeling love at first sight as Eagleson spots an “angel shootin’ whiskey” from across the bar. The small-town, summer night jam gives a sneak peek into what’s to come on Jade Eagleson’s upcoming album, set to debut this fall.

“Must be neon dreamin’ / ‘Cause I ain’t never seen an angel shootin’ whiskey / That scoot-in-them-boots queen / Is Heaven in blue jeans / Don’t nobody pinch me / Yeah, she’s out of my league / But I swear she’s smiling at me, so just let me / Keep on neon dreamin’” Eagleson delivers on the upbeat chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Sophia Scott – “Boots, Jeans, and Jesus” 

Sophia Scott is uncovering a swig of honesty in her new single, “Boots, Jeans, and Jesus.” The up-and-coming country sensation speaks her “barstool confession” as she finds herself letting her wild side run free and “dancing with temptation” with the troublemaker of a boy. Scott’s scorching vocals call for a girls-night-out as she showcases her straight-talking songwriting skills and bold personality. The latest release was written by Scott, Nolan Sipe, and Sam Martinez and serves as the first taste of her highly anticipated debut album. 

Throughout the daring chorus, Sophia Scott sings, “That boy’s trouble / Hell he’s got me shooting doubles / And it ain’t even hit midnight / I’m cowboy crazy / Picking petals off a daisy / Thinking things that ain’t lady like / Oh I’m hanging on a prayer / Don’t let me go there / Cuz the only thing between us / Is boots, jeans, and Jesus.”

Stream the track HERE.

LANCO – “Lasso” 

LANCO are roping listeners in with their brand-new party starter, “Lasso.” Throughout the rowdy lyrics that contain a slew of clever wordplay and classic country elements, the multi PLATINUM-selling band depicts a boot-stomping night out at a honky tonk with a love interest. “Lasso” was penned by LANCO’s Brandon Lancaster, Tripp Howell and Chandler Baldwin alongside Howell’s brother Tate and Jay Joyce who also served as producer and marks the latest preview of more new music to be announced in the coming months.

“Let me pull ya in tight in the neon light / Hips movin,’ body swayin’ / Movin’ left and then right on a Saturday night,” they delvier in the chorus. “Shakin’ what ya mama gave ya / Ropin’ me in / Ain’t lettin’ me go / Spinnin’ round and round and round and round and round / Like a lasso.”

Stream the track HERE.

Spencer Crandall with Cooper Alan – “Didn’t Do” 

Spencer Crandall and fellow rising country star Cooper Alan unite for a revamped version of Crandall’s fan-favorite hit, “Didn’t Do.” Together, the artists take turns addressing their ignited confidence to embrace life to the fullest by letting new love interests in, staying out late and spending that extra money every now and then, even if some of the risks lead to undesired results. Throughout the catchy tune, they’ve decided that they’d “Rather regret what I did than what I didn’t do.” Listeners get a taste of Crandall’s dynamic sound and hard-hitting storylines as he unveils the final track off his Western Reloaded project with the Crandall, Haley Mae Campbell and Lydia Dall penned track.

“’Didn’t Do’ is the kind of song that means just a little bit more to me and the writers of the song,” Crandall shared via press release. “It’s a constant reminder to myself that life is fast, fragile and precious. I feel like this song found me in a time of my life when I needed it most and I hope it does the same for anyone else who hears it.”

Stream the track HERE.

Caylee Hammack – “That Dog”

Heartbreak takes on a whole new meaning for Caylee Hammack in her latest release, “That Dog.” While she starts off the playful tune by admitting to the overpowering feeling of loneliness and sadness after ending a relationship, she then goes on to add a surprise twist. Instead of missing her human partner, Hammack reveals its actually his dog that’s on her mind as she sings, “I got over you, got over us, got to the point I can love again / I know it’s all for the better but I’m never getting over him.” “That Dog” was co-written by Hammack, Jake Mitchell and Aaron Raitiere and co-produced by Hammack and Dann Huff

“Sometimes the true heartbreak lies in the pieces left behind after a breakup, rather than the actual ending of the relationship,” Hammack said, “’That Dog’ is the story of coming to that realization.”

Stream the track HERE.

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