September 30, 2023
New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Catie Offerman, Southerland, RaeLynn & More

There are times in life where we may say something we wish we’d never said or we meet someone we wish we’d never met, but there’s rarely a time when we hear a song we wish we’d never heard. This new set of music is sure to strengthen your love for country music as it showcases the traditional twang while also incorporating a fresh era of the genre. 

Listeners are hearing from a slew of artists rising to the top of their game like Catie Offerman, Track45 and Boy Named Banjo, as they’ve recently dropped new music. 

From opposing perspectives to foolproof heartbreak remedies and a look into wholesome southern parenting, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Catie Offerman –  “‘Til I See You Again”

In her latest release, up-and-coming artist, Catie Offerman describes the lure of a toxic relationship that almost always leads to a never-ending rotation that “starts with ‘I miss you’ and ends with ‘goodbye.’” Written by Offerman alongside Ryan Beaver and Jessi Alexander and produced by Dann Huff, “‘Til I See You Again” marks her fourth release of the year, following “Happyland Trailer Park,” “Don’t Do It In Texas” and “Get a Dog.”

 “You swear him off, and say that you’re over him – and you say ‘never again.’ ‘Til you see him again, and you’re right back in it,” says Offerman. “It’s crazy how best intentions fly right out the window as soon as that someone walks into the room.”

Stream the track HERE.

Boy Named Banjo – “Heart Attack

Boy Named Banjo drew from the depths of their archives to bring their latest release, “Heart Attack,” back to life. At the time it was written by band members William Reames and Barton Davies, along with Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde, the music didn’t quite match the intensity of the lyrics. Since it wasn’t a likely contender for the band to record, the song was pushed to the side. According to Davies, it was resurrected two years later when Tyndell gave it another go and recorded a demo. 

“He played it for us and that’s when the lightbulb went off and we knew we had to record the song, and it turned out to be one of the most fun experiences we’ve had as a band in the studio. We were all drawn to that driving bluegrass lick and felt this song was the perfect song to pay tribute to our grassy roots, while also leaning farther into our progressive country sound,” says Davies.

Stream the track HERE.

RaeLynn – “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl”

Platinum-selling country star, RaeLynn is reminiscing on the days of her childhood in Texas with her newest song, “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl.” Being a new mom to her 1-year-old daughter Daisy has brought a slew of new hopes and dreams that she’s sharing in her latest release. In the current age of technology, RaeLynn vows to take a different approach to parenting, which includes drinking from the water hose, picking berries on the farm, watching football and falling in love with fishing.

“She’s sweet as sugar but tough as nails / Loving her daddy but giving boys hell,” RaeLynn sings. “She didn’t fall far from the tree / Every day you’ll see a little more me / Yeah I’m on my knees every night praying / Thanking God I’m raisin’ me a country girl.”

This twangy track penned by RaeLynn alongside Rhett Akins and Will Bundy is set to be featured on her upcoming 2023 project. 

Stream the track HERE.

Southerland – “Ice Cold Country Music” 

Sometimes, all it takes to get through a breakup is some beer and a jam session with friends like Merle Haggard, George Strait and Keith Whitley. Southerland, comprised of Matt Chase and Chris Rogers, wrote about this foolproof remedy in their latest release, “Ice Cold Country Music.” The upbeat tempo and easy-going lyrics numb any pain that could come from a breakup. 

“’Ice Cold Country Music’ is about a guy going through a breakup and reaching for two things that can help him get over the hill… cold beer and Country music! What else do you need,” jokes Matt Chase and Chris Rogers of Southerland. “It’s one of our favorite songs we’ve written and we always open our live shows with it to set the tone for the rest of the night!”

Stream the track HERE.

Karley Scott Collins – “Better Strangers”

Standout newcomer, Karley Scott Collins’s newest release, “Better Strangers,’ tugs at the heartstrings as it begs for the opportunity to overwrite a past relationship. She found inspiration for this song in the powerful Shakespeare line, “I do desire we may be better strangers.” Then sitting down to write with award-winning lyricist Liz Rose and Collins dwells, they took that phrase and stretched it beyond its abilities to create an incredibly relatable new storyline. 

“After the end of a relationship, there was a time I wished I’d never met that person. Although that heartbreak helped shape who I am today, I still wish I could meet the girl I would’ve been if that relationship never happened. I hope this song connects to anyone who’s ever felt like they lost a part of themselves to a heartbreak,” she shared. 

Stream the track HERE.

Track45 – “Family”

The country music trio known as Track45 has reworked a song that was originally made famous by David Guetta and featured Bebe Rexha, Ty Dolla $ign and A Boogie wit da Hoodie last year. Written by the rising Country trio alongside Billy Mann, “Family” intertwines the group’s harmonies to reflect the effect that strong relationships can have on one’s life. 

“I don’t got friends, I got family / At the end of the day that’s all I need,” they sing in the opening verse. 

The sibling trio made up of Jenna, Ben, and KK Johnson, saw the impact this song was having on the music community and took it upon themselves to tease a snippet of their own version on TikTok. They saw a rapid rise in fan support and garnered more than 1.8 million views, prompting them to release it.  

Stream the track HERE.

Levi Hummon and Cassadee Pope – “RSVP”

When it came time to get into the studio to write together, Levi Hummon and Cassadee Pope accomplished exactly what Hummon was hoping to do with their new duet, “RSVP.” The song finds two exes battling their inner thoughts after a party that turned out to be a good time for almost everybody. Hummon uses his impressive vocals to reflect on the rejected party invite from a past lover. Cassadee Pope embraces her opposing role as she finds herself also grappling with the reality of having to move on. 

“Champagne’s all gone Carpets full of confetti The cops came and we rocked on I was the life of the party But I don’t feel that cool Everyone showed up but you,” they sing in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

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