April 17, 2024
50 Cent Vice City Series Are In The Works


March 9 marked the unveiling of 50 Cent’s newest “Vice City” project, a project that piqued the interest of many, including GTA (Grand Theft Auto) fans.

50 Cent’s New Announcement

50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, is back at it, again proving that he is the TV’s King Midas. According to a recent press release, 50 Cent, in collaboration with Lion Gate Television and Paramount Pictures, is working on a new series entitled “Vice City.”

GTA Fans Get Slightly Disappointed

GTA: VIce CIty

Image Source: store.epicgames.com

The announcement of the 50’s new project excited GTA fans. GTA fans know a little about “Vice City,” a Rock City game released in 2002. And given the game’s plot, it was easy to see why fans felt a certain level of exuberance and anticipation. “GTA: Vice City” synopsis describes the plot as follows:

In the aftermath of a deal gone wrong that resulted in Tommy’s bodyguards getting killed and Sonny’s money and drugs being lost, Tommy decides to get vengeance on those responsible.

And Jackson’s earlier cryptic social media post fueled the fervor.

In the end, however, those hopes were crushed when it was revealed the new series, which will be called Vice City, has no connection to the game. As Game Rant notes,

“Sorry Grand Theft Auto fans, for those hyped by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson teasing an announcement involving “Vice City” it’s now been revealed the new project has nothing to do with Rockstar but is a TV project involving John Wick’s Chad Stahelski and Lionsgate Television.”

Jackson’s Vice City

While the announcement may have crushed some fans of “GTA,” the plot still looks extremely promising. According to several sources, “Vice City” is a series that will take viewers back in time. The series is said to be set in the ’80s, around the time of the Iran Contra Scandal. The primary characters have strong links to the scandal. As Yahoo notes,

“Vice City” will follow “three friends (former soldiers), returning to their home city of Miami in the mid-’80s after a dishonorable discharge from the military for involvement in the Iran Contra scandal.”

Surely there is no denying this reads like the opening to a killer drama.

Jackson, The Guru Of Drama

Cast of Power

Image Source: TV Insider

Considering what is known, there will be drama, lots of it. How could a Jackson piece be drama-free? The entire Power universe, formed under his hands, is rife with drama. In this series, the soldiers who have fallen on bad luck turn to a life of crime. They form the ultimate heist team. When ambition, money, criminal pursuits, and military skill combine, it is impossible to predict what will happen.

The Wrap Up

Currently, “Vice City” is in development, so it will be a while before its release. But until then, there is still much to look forward to from Jackson. As Yahoo notes,

“On February 14, 50 Cent announced he was partnering up with FOX entertainment on a non-exclusive broadcast deal to develop “scripted dramas, live-action comedies, and animated series.”

And in the interim, there is always “Power Ghost II,” whose season premiere is Mar 17.

Written by Renae Richardson

Edited by Nikita Serdiuk

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